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'Why is her elder son so ugly', netizen criticises Cherrie Ying's 'son' but it turns out to be husband Jordan Chan

'Why is her elder son so ugly', netizen criticises Cherrie Ying's 'son' but it turns out to be husband Jordan Chan
A photo of Jordan Chan and Cherrie Ying.
PHOTO: Instagram/Cherrie Ying

If you're a husband, being misrecognised as your wife's son may not be too devastating, but what if you're called ugly on top of that?

On Saturday (May 20) — a day Chinese couples declare their love because the date sounds like 'I love you' in Mandarin — Hong Kong actress Cherrie Ying posted on her social media pages a couple photo with her actor husband Jordan Chan.

In her caption, the 39-year-old wrote tongue-in-cheek: "The 'son' who loves me the most — my favourite 'son'."

According to HK01, one particular netizen took it literally and commented: "I'm curious why her elder son is so ugly. Though she's not the most beautiful, she's not bad-looking either."


In response, Cherrie reposted on Instagram a screenshot of the comment with her own caption: "This person was probably born in the 2000s," suggesting that the netizen is too young to know Jordan.

A few took it further, saying: "They were probably born in the 2010s, so they don't even recognise Chicken!"

Jordan, 55, gained great fame from his role as gang member Chicken in Young and Dangerous, a film series about Hong Kong's triads shown in cinemas from 1996 to 2000. It was so popular that it has nine sequels.

Other netizens were simply outraged and came to Jordan's defence.

One exclaimed: "How dare they say Chicken is ugly? Didn't they watch Young and Dangerous?"

It even got personal, as netizens attacked the netizen's ignorance and looks.

"They don't understand Jordan's charm. Maybe they haven't looked into the mirror themselves."

Another shared their insight: "What a great move to get attention from you (Cherrie) and your 'oldest son'."

There has been no response from Jordan so far.

Cherrie and Jordan got married in Las Vegas in February 2010. Their first son Jasper is nine, while their second son, nicknamed Hoho, is turning three in four days.

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