'Why I do these l** j*** things': Mayiduo questions himself in his first bungee jump — which was livestreamed

While most people were enjoying their Saturday evening chilling out with friends and family, local content creator and internet celebrity Mayiduo, whose real name is Kelvin Tan, had a mission to complete: Bungee jump from a 50-metre height while streaming it live.

How did he end up doing this, you may ask.

Speaking to AsiaOne last Saturday (Sept 9) at the Skypark Sentosa Bungy tower, the 30-year-old said that he had to fulfil a promise to shopping platform Shopee.

"On the Shopee 9.9 livestream, we set a sales target of $99,000, then I thought they set it for fun… but we saw sales of over $100,000. So today, as a promise to all the viewers, I am here," he said.

Mayiduo was one of the influencers engaged by the platform to conduct e-commerce livestreams for their Sept 9 promotions.

In an Instagram Story that Mayiduo posted on Sept 8, he voiced his reluctance as he said: "I am 108 kg and my kid is just three years old."

When we asked him before he performed the stunt on why he agreed to do this, he said that he initially thought they "won't hit the KPI".

He added: "My wife is worried. My wife said that this kind of things are normally for those who are of average size, but I am severely obese, not just overweight. Then I asked the Shopee team to check whether I meet the weight limit. They said okay, so we will honour our promise… I am okay to try."

When asked about his feelings, Mayiduo, who was attempting bungee jumping for the first time, jokingly said: "Now I want to take a dump. Later I come down and you see my trousers have one brown stain, y'all don't ask me okay."

Mayiduo's wife, Angie Teo, 30, and their son, three, were also present to provide him with some moral support.

Teo shared: "I feel worried for him but also kind of expected it because he likes adventurous activities like these."

She added that they have also spoken to their son about his father's actions.

"It is just like his dad is jumping off from somewhere that is very high. So we try to explain to him that it is like a game but in a sense that it is safe and that he can only do it at certain facilities."

At about 7.15pm, Mayiduo spoke to his viewers on a Shopee livestream, thanking them for their support.

He also had a cute interaction with his son in front of the camera where he asked the latter: "Later papa jumped from upstairs okay?" and received a shy nod from his son.

Thereafter, Mayiduo ascended the 17-storey tower at Skypark Sentosa to jump off the 50-metre tower.

He looked visibly nervous as the staff prepared him and he walked towards the edge of the platform for the jump.

Just before he jumped down, he said: "I love my mum, I love my kid, I regret a bit."

And then off he went, shouting Hokkien expletives of excitement and regret and singing the Shopee 9.9 jingle along the way.

At one point, he exclaimed: "Why I do these l** j*** things!"

Nevertheless, when he returned to the ground and was asked by the Skypark staff about the experience, he said: "Aiyah, easy lah! This one got kick meh?"

When we spoke to Mayiduo again after the jump, he shared: "The difficult part is when you are upstairs and stepping outside. I regretted a little and wondered to myself why I do this kind of thing. Doing my livestream is good enough. Why do this kind of challenge? So when I was upstairs, I was a bit scared."

Although he said that he is not ready to do bungee jumping again anytime soon, he said that he wanted to try sky-diving in Australia eventually because his family would tour the country from time to time.

"But I need to lose weight first because skydiving has a weight limit," he added.

We also asked him about his dancing experience for the platform's 9.9 jingle, and he shared that he only had two hours of rehearsals before they shot the final footage.

"It was my first time dancing in front of the camera and from the advertisement itself you can see that I am not a good dancer," he added.

Mayiduo also had another cute interaction with his son, where he asked: "When papa jumped from upstairs just now, were you scared?"

"No," his son replied shyly.

"So you think papa will be okay?"


"Are you proud of papa?"

"Yes," said his son bashfully, before he got down from his lap and played with the sand.

Speaking about his future plans, Mayiduo said that he has plans to direct a comedy movie and will share more when the time comes.

"My dream is to direct my own movie. I have not made it yet. I think as a content creator myself and I watched a lot of Stephen Chow movies, I want to create my own comedy films and I want to create a few," he explained.

From content producer to influencer to aspiring movie director, Mayiduo has accomplished a lot along the way. However, he doesn't feel that he has made it in showbiz yet.

He said: "I think if I really make the movie and people like it, then maybe by then I will feel that I have contributed to the arts in Singapore. Everything is in place, hopefully things go well."

Look out for our video interview with Mayiduo releasing soon!

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