Worried about mental wellness? Suhaimi Yusof shares '4 Qs' that help him stay sane and motivated

Suhaimi Yusof at the Diam Diam Era press conference on Nov 18, 2020.
PHOTO: mm2 Entertainment

It's been a trying time and everyone has their own way of coping and staying sane.

For local actor Suhaimi Yusof, he recently shared the '4 Qs' that he uses to stop himself from being an emotional wreck.

In an Instagram post on May 21, he wrote: "2021 so far has been quite a challenging year. If I follow my emotions only, I'll be crying every day in the longkang or banging my head on the wall in anger.

"There are actually three ways I can help myself to feel highly motivated. Use Emotional Quotient (EQ), Intellectual Quotient (IQ) and/or Spiritual Quotient (SQ)."

The 51-year-old cited three examples in which he practised these '3 Qs' to help him better address the situation.

The first is the Israel-Palestine conflict. Suhaimi wrote: "I'll use my EQ to empathise with Palestinian victims for humanity sake by donating via credible organisations, use my IQ to update about Israel's political turmoil or election issue and lessons learnt, use my SQ to increase my iman by studying and memorising Quranic chapters on the plight of Bani Israil and repent to Allah for all my mistakes I made."

Iman is Arabic for faith, while Bani Israil means Children of Israel.

He also touched on some local topics such as the loss of jobs and home-based learning.

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Suhaimi added: "Thousands of jobs may go... (I) use my IQ to explore and upgrade digital skill opportunities. Use my EQ to provide better personal services. Use my SQ to seek barakah in my work effort.

"Home-based learning this year. Use my IQ to reorganise home. Use my EQ to feel good because cut cost on travelling. Use my SQ to thank Allah for allowing me to continue to be alive and still be excited in seeking knowledge."

Barakah refers to the benevolent force from God that flows through physical and spiritual spheres.

Lastly, he shared some wisdom about how he reacts to the news regarding the 'double mutant' coronavirus strain.

He wrote: "Dangerous 'Double Mutant', use my EQ to watch X-Men movies. Use my IQ to step up defence. Use my SQ to seek protection from The Almighty."

Suhaimi urged commenters and members of the public to share tips on how they keep sane so everyone can hopefully benefit during this crucial time.

"Those are my plans. You got yours? Share leh. It's good to talk about problems. It's better to talk about solutions. Who knows we can benefit from one another during this crucial moment," he said.

In response, comedian Irene Ang asked him to add in some humour, and Suhaimi responded: "HQ — humour quotient we add so we won't be 24 hour depressed. Thanks that I have a companion like you to share laughter too. (sic)"