Wu Chun's 9-year-old daughter writes letter to Sultan of Brunei

Proud dad moment: Wu Chun's daughter may only be nine, but she already knows that if you want something done fast, you've got to go straight to the big boss. 

The Bruneian singer-actor, 40, took to Weibo on Jan 8 to share a letter that his daughter NeiNei wrote to the Sultan of Brunei. 

The girl, who won viewers' hearts after appearing on the Chinese reality show Where Are We Going, Dad?, had gotten fired up about environmental issues after watching a video on global warming six months back, Wu Chun explained.

And so she wrote the letter proposing a plastic ban in the country.

Addressing her letter to "Dear Your Royal Highness", NeiNei wrote: "We really feel that Brunei is quickly filling up with too much rubbish.

"We are very concerned because we went on a school trip to Berakas Beach to pick up the rubbish that was left on the beach and we collected six full bags of rubbish!"

She went on to raise several points about microplastics and the impact of litter on marine life.

Ending the letter with a plea to Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah to consider implementing a plastic ban, she wrote: "The time has come for people in Brunei to say no to ALL plastic to save the marine animals and keep Brunei safe and sound."

PHOTO: Weibo/Wu Zun

And this isn't even her first letter to the Sultan.

Wu Chun shared that NeiNei had written another letter six months ago imploring the sultan to "make smoking illegal".

PHOTO: Weibo/Wu Zun

"Actually, our children are all worried about having to face the threat of climate change in the future," he wrote. "The fires in Australia are really heart-wrenching. This is a cruel warning!"

Showing his support for the cause, he also shared screenshots of donations to Australia's bushfire relief efforts that he had made in NeiNei's name.

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Coincidentally, Wu Chun has been said to have a close relationship with the royal family.

He was nearly adopted by the royal family as a child, when the Sultan's sister offered to "buy" him off his father, he revealed in an interview on Where Are We Going, Dad?.

His father, however, turned her down.

Despite a missed opportunity to live like royalty (literally), Wu Chun said he had no regrets.

"It's fortunate that my father said no, because compared to being a prince and living a wealthy life, I would rather live with my own family."

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