Yang Mi reportedly spent the night in hotel with rumoured boyfriend Wei Daxun

Yang Mi reportedly spent the night in hotel with rumoured boyfriend Wei Daxun

Ever since her public divorce with ex-honey Hawick Lau in 2018, Yang Mi's pending relationship status with a certain Mr Right has been a consistent hot topic among fans.

As of late, her rumoured beau is none other than the charismatic Wei Daxun.

Yang Mi, who is currently in the midst of filming her latest drama in Shanghai, was spotted by paparazzi as she entered Primus Hotel Shanghai on Dec 9 with her assistant. Daxun turned up at the same hotel inconspicuously dressed later that night and wasn't seen leaving till 6am the next morning, reported Lianhe Zaobao.

The actor happened to be in town for the 2019 Cosmo Beauty Awards. However, the event was held at Shangri La Hotel instead, an hour's drive from where he bunked.

Papparazzi believe it was unlikely that the organisers would have arranged for him to spend the night there, especially since his assistant, who had been with him throughout the event, hadn't accompanied him.

According to reports, he had seemed rather unwilling to leave, constantly turning back for one more look at the building before his assistant arrived to chauffeur him to the airport.


Rumours hinting at the two's relationship started ever since Daxun was seen hanging out with a woman with similar stature and birthmark to Yang Mi in late August this year.

Since then, gossip has only intensified as the two were regularly spotted wearing matching clothes and accessories such as sneakers and jackets. Not only that, eagle-eyed netizens also noticed the two sharing what appeared to be the same faded grey hat, which sports the same wear-and-tear marks in separate photos of the two.

It's no hidden secret that Daxun is a longtime fan of the actress too, 10 years in fact. When the two appeared as cast members on the reality show, Great Escape, he said: "What hasn't changed is that till now, I still like Yang Mi very much."


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