Yanxi Palace lead actress Wu Jinyan has eyes for handsome guys only

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By now, you'd probably have heard of Chinese palace drama The Story of Yanxi Palace, a drama which has smashed viewership records across China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, racking up more than five billion views in China alone. 

The Mainland stars of the series - Wu Jinyan (Wei Yingluo), Su Qing (Hitara Erqing), Xu Kai (Fucha Fuheng) and Qin Lan (Fucha Rongyin) were in Hong Kong recently to promote the drama. 

Here's what was revealed when the cast members appeared in a variety programme hosted by showbiz veteran Carol Cheng:

1. Wu shed 8kg for the role of Wei Yingluo

The 165cm-tall actress used to weigh 51kg before filming. She revealed her secret to losing weight for the role "in order to look better onscreen", by adopting a "6-3-1" method to eating, and largely eliminating starch from her diet.

"6-3-1" refers to apportioning a day's meal into 10 portions, and eating 6/10 of it for breakfast, 3/10 for lunch and 1/10 for dinner. She also ate more vegetables, less meat, and cut down on oil and salt, in addition to daily exercise.

2. Wu's boyfriend has to be handsome

When Wu was asked about her criteria for a boyfriend, fellow actress Qin teased: "He must be handsome", to which Wu agreed: "Yes, he definitely has to be good-looking." Qin, however, revealed she is partial to tall guys. 

3. Xu's vital stats revealed

Heartthrob Xu, whose smiles lit up the set and melted the audience's hearts, revealed his vital statistics on the show to titters and squeals. For the record, his measurements are 100cm (chest), and 186cm (height). Cheng's co-host Edwin Siu, who's decidedly shorter, added dejectedly: "Oh no, I've always told people I'm 185cm."

China's imperial palace drama, Story Of Yanxi Palace, shatters viewership records

  • Palace intrigue, backstabbing concubines and dramatic plotlines involving maids and eunuchs.
  • China simply cannot get enough of imperial palace dramas.
  • Yet another period piece set in the Forbidden City during the Qing dynasty, like 2011's Empresses In The Palace - one of the most successful dramas in the genre - has become a smash hit.
  • The 70-episode long drama series Story Of Yanxi Palace, co-produced by China's biggest streaming platform iQiyi and production company Huanyu Film, garnered over 15 billion views worldwide.
  • China is home to the world's largest army of netizens, with some 770 million Internet users, and dramas are pulling out all the stops to attract viewers.
  • The Story Of Yanxi Palace alone reportedly had a budget of about 300 million yuan (S$60 million).
  • The show follows a young woman who enters the palace as a maid to investigate the death of her sister and eventually becomes one of Emperor Qianlong's concubines.
  • The cast includes big names such as Hong Kong's Charmaine Sheh.
  • The drama is currently being broadcast on Hong Kong's TVB, which has acquired the rights to screen the show in Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and Malaysia.

4. Xu's ideal woman

When Xu was asked about his ideal partner, Wu interjected that he likes girls who are kind. Xu then joked: "Yes, just like 'Empress' (Qin), she must be kind, generous, beautiful, and sexy," to the delight of the actress. 

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