Young and Dangerous actors reunite after 20 years for new film Golden Job

Fans of the 90's Hong Kong blockbuster Young and Dangerous will be happy to know that Ekin Cheng and his "brothers" are coming back to the big screen on Sept 20.

Cheng will reunite with fellow Hong Kong actors Jordan Chan, Michael Tse, Chin Ka-lok, and Jerry Lamb in the upcoming film, Golden Job.

Rounding up the star-studded cast is veteran actor Eric Tsang who plays the group's mentor.

In this crime-action movie, which is unrelated to the original triad-themed series, they play five con artists who unwittingly get caught up in a heist planned by an international drug lord.

Golden Job marks some 20 years since the quintet starred together in the hit 1990s Hong Kong mafia series. The first installment of Young and Dangerous premiered in 1996, while the sixth and final film was made in 2000.

Can anyone tell that these guys (except for Lamb) are already in their 50s?

The 90-minute-long movie is packed with action scenes such as shootouts and car chases, filmed in locations such as Hungary, Montenegro, Japan, China, Taiwan, and Inner Mongolia.

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Golden Job is directed by acclaimed choreographer Chin and produced by Tsang. 

The suave-looking cast members made an appearance at the 4th annual international Jackie Chan action movie week on Wednesday (July 18), and performed the movie's theme song on stage.

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Action star Jackie Chan, who funded the film, said: "The spirit of brotherhood that these five actors share, both on screen and in real life, is a positive energy that our society needs."

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