'You've gotten so big!' Richie Jen reunites in concert with fan whose life he saved as a baby 22 years ago

'You've gotten so big!' Richie Jen reunites in concert with fan whose life he saved as a baby 22 years ago
Richie Jen (right) donated 30,000 yuan (S$5,700) to save a child's life in 2001.
PHOTO: Screengrab/Weibo/Mammoth News, Weibo/Richie Jen

Fans often say that their favourite musicians have saved their lives, and usually it's a hyperbole to show their love for them.

But for one young woman in China, the sentiment is literal.

Taiwanese singer Richie Jen recently held a concert in Shenyang, China, and a fan stood up to request a song, with a special message for the 56-year-old.

In a video shared on Weibo by Mammoth News, the fan can be heard saying: "I am 23 years old this year, but I have known you for 22 years.

"You even carried me when I was younger."

She elaborated that she suffered from congenital heart disease back in 2001 at the age of one, and her family was "struggling financially at the time and couldn't help me".

She continued: "You visited Shenyang to hold a concert, and when you heard about my condition, you donated 30,000 yuan (S$5,700) for me to have an operation.

"Today, 22 years later, I came to your concert to say thank you!"

Next to her, another member of the audience can be seen holding up a newspaper with an article of Richie donating to save her life.

Over the roaring applause of the crowd, Richie appeared shocked as he replied: "You've gotten so big!"

The young woman requested the song Don't Change, adding: "I hope the love between us won't change, nor will the love in the world."

Netizens were impressed by Richie's generosity and goodwill.

"30,000 yuan was a lot back in the year 2000," one comment read.

Another read: "Richie is great, his songs are nice, many are classics, and there is hardly any negative news about him."

"When he donated the money back then, I bet he didn't think they would ever meet again in this life," wrote a netizen.

Another wrote: "This is really touching, donating without asking for anything in return. The child whose life was saved is full of gratitude. There is love in the world."

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