Zhu Houren goes for knee surgery after enduring pain for 7 years; son Joel Choo can't visit as he's Covid-positive 

Zhu Houren with his sister-in-law (left) and wife (right).
PHOTO: Shin Min Daily News

Local actor Zhu Houren will finally be able to kick back and relax, literally. 

After enduring knee pain for seven years, the 67-year-old actor was admitted into hospital on Wednesday (May 11), where he underwent surgery

"The surgery took about two hours, the affected area is okay, my leg still feels a bit heavy. The anaesthesia hasn't completely worn off yet, so I still can't get out of bed," he told Shin Min Daily News. 

He explained that the surgery helped to straighten his right foot, which has been bent for many years. The bone spur in his right knee was also removed, allowing him to straighten his legs while lying down. 

"The doctor has instructed that I use my left leg to support myself while walking for the time being, but I can straighten my leg."

Houren also shared that he will be undergoing physical therapy after he is discharged. 

Although he's still stuck in bed for now, he seems to be in good spirits, sharing that he's not feeling any nausea or pain. 

Thus far, his elder son and daughter-in-law have visited him in the hospital. Unfortunately, his younger son, actor Joel Choo, was unable to do so as he tested positive for Covid-19 last Saturday. As a result, the family had to change their Mother's Day plans. 

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"My wife also prepared fish maw, pork belly soup, curry chicken and Indonesian spring rolls, among other items. But Joel told me he tested positive, so the gathering was cancelled. My family ended up celebrating Mother's Day at my sister's house without us." 

Joel, 27, is currently isolating at home. "There's a chair outside his room, we communicate with him via phone. When he comes out, everything he comes into contact with has to be disinfected," Houren said. 

Joel also told the Chinese daily that he's feeling fine, save for a sore throat and fever.

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