Zoe Tay: My youngest son is so upset over dog's death he feels like he can't breathe

Zoe Tay: My youngest son is so upset over dog's death he feels like he can't breathe
Zoe Tay with her pet dogs: (clockwise from top) Niu Niu, Ki Ki and Tong Tong.
PHOTO: Facebook/Zoe Tay

A pet can occupy a special place in our hearts and to some, the loss of one is tantamount to the loss of a family member.

Early this month, local veteran actress Zoe Tay and her family were devastated by the sudden loss of their beloved dog, Tong Tong, a seven-year-old female miniature schnauzer.

Speaking to 8world for her drama series You Can Be An Angel 4, 54-year-old Zoe confessed that her sons are still coping with the grief. Her youngest son, in particular, was really affected by Tong Tong's death.

She said: "He said he was so upset that he felt like he couldn't breathe. The second son hides his sadness in his heart, which actually worries me a lot. I'm trying not to arrange work and programmes now to spend more time at home to accompany and comfort my children."

"I tell the kids to remember the good things and know how to let go," she added.

It's not just her children who fostered a strong bond with Tong Tong but her domestic helper as well, so it was a huge blow to everyone.

"In the days after the dog's death, the atmosphere at home was quite depressing," she said.

Zoe also shared more details surrounding the circumstances of Tong Tong's sudden death, explaining that there was a problem with her immune system that came out of left field.

The Mediacorp 'Ah Jie' said: "She left within a day... I accompanied her on her final moments. I was there for the cremation ceremony, I felt even worse but now it's gradually getting better."

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You Can Be An Angel 4 portrays the relationships between the healthcare workers and elderly residents at a nursing home and senior care centre. The Covid-19 pandemic will also be reflected in the series.

Zoe plays the assistant director of nursing at the facility, who's also caring for her elderly mother suffering from dementia. The drama also stars Xiang Yun, Guo Liang, Hong Ling, Desmond Ng, Zhang Zetong and Zhu Houren.

You Can Be An Angel 4 premieres on Channel 8 on March 18 at 9pm. It will also be available on meWATCH. 


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