Bubble tea in Singapore: Old favourites and new outlets

PHOTO: Instagram/lihosg, thealley.sg

The bubble tea hype in Singapore has gotten bigger and stronger recently, and it seems like it's here to stay. We scoured the island to curate a list of old favourites as well as some new, must-try bubble tea brands that do the classic milk tea best. We're talking about a milky treat, that is velvety smooth to taste, has that fragrant tea aroma, and of course, tapioca pearls that are soft and chewy.

Say goodbye to your diet because you're going to want at least one or all of them. 



The Alley is arriving on our shores this April with the launch of their first ever premium concept store, The Alley Luxe, globally in Singapore! The famous bubble tea chain which hails from Taiwan opened a store in Malaysia a few months ago. This led to many Singaporeans actually going up north to try their famous Brown Sugar Deerioca bubble teas. Worry not, you won't have to bring along your passport anymore to try The Alley's bubble tea which will open its store at Orchard Cineleisure. Plus, the The Alley will include pastries in its menu for its concept store which makes for a good afternoon tea session.

  • Price: TBA
  • Address: 8 Grange Rd, Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, Singapore 239695


Tiger Sugar is the new kid on the block. And it is poised to pounce and claw its way up to the top of your must drink bubble tea list (tiger puns fully intended). If you haven't tried this sugary goodness in a cup… Man. You need to get one. STAT.

This Taiwanese bubble tea import crafts its drinks with fresh milk cream, fragrant black tea, drizzles of brown sugar syrup (creating what looks like tiger stripes - clever huh?), and a generous dollop of housemade brown sugar boba pearls. Besides being downright delicious, Tiger Sugar is also highly IG-worthy.

  • Price: $5.30 for the Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cream Mousse
  • Address: 13 Stamford Rd, #B2-32 Capitol Piazza, Singapore 178905


Another newcomer to the bubble tea scene in Singapore is Winnie's, and it's located at Galaxis - a godsend for office workers in the One-North area who need their lunchtime bubble tea fix. When you get off at One-North MRT station, head to the Galaxis building, and look for a whimsical looking shop with a lush tropical-themed feature wall (yep, it's not a florist).

Winnie's has a few signature drinks which are must-tries, the Lychee & Rose Nectar, as well as their English Afternoon Milk Tea, are some of their most popular choices. If you prefer fruity teas, you definitely have to try their Organic Fuji Apple Green Tea. Oh, and did we mention that they make their boba pearls by hand? That's why they have just the right amount of chew and are oh-so-satisfying. Also, get a free upsize (every Tuesday from 3 - 6 pm) and Cashback!

  • Price: $3.10 for the Black Sugar Oolong Milk Tea
  • Address: Galaxis, 1 Fusionopolis Place, #01-34, Singapore 138522


If you ever find yourself in the One-North area, why not drop by Timbre+ for lunch at Yeah! Taiwanese Modern Street Food? Besides Taiwanese street food staples like braised pork rice, torched beef cubes, and sweet potato fries, they also have an extensive bubble tea milk menu to really complete your lunchtime getaway to a Taiwanese street market (we know that we're not actually there, but hey, the food brings back so many great memories…). Definitely try the Signature Boba Milk Tea, Okinawa Brown Sugar Boba Milk and Matcha Milk. If you need another reason to try their bubble tea, you can enjoy Cashback using Shopback Go at Yeah!

  • Price: $3.50 for the Signature Boba Milk Tea
  • Address: Timbre+, JTC Launchpad, 73A Ayer Rajah Crescent, Singapore 139957


Photo: Facebook/lihosg

A homegrown brand that arrived in Singapore's already saturated bubble tea scene before Gong Cha's (untimely - but they've since returned) exit, LiHO has become a staple that can be found everywhere from heartland malls to the heart of Orchard. Though a few concoctions short as compared to bigger rivals, it has focused on quality and innovation to create a loyal following with its creamy and foamy Cheese Tea options like the Cheese Guan Yin and Cheese Jing Syuan (a tea with a floral profile) Tea.

Before you go, "Eee… Nice meh?" Just try one. Trust us. The seemingly unlikely pairing goes ridiculously well. If you're not that adventurous, stick with the Classic Milk Tea with boba pearls - LiHO makes a mean cup.

  • Price: $3.80 for the Classic Milk Tea + Pearl
  • Address: multiple branches including Wisma Atria, 435 Orchard Road, #B1-03, Singapore 238877


Photo: Facebook/eachacupsingapore

With a focus on wanting customers to "Drink Good" and "Feel Good", Each-a-Cup is perfect for the health conscious who wish to treat themselves occasionally. Don't believe us? Just look at some of the categories on their menu: Mind Booster, Energy Burst, Weight Lite, and Forever Young. Among these options are favourites like the delicious Green Apple Green Tea, the refreshing Honey Kanten with Ai-yu Jelly, and the thirst-quenching Honey Lemon with Ai-yu Jelly. Naturaly, they're all made with fresh juices and quality juice concentrates, via a unique Tea-Presso technique.

Each-a-Cup believes that everyone deserves a cup of bubble tea. And we agree wholeheartedly too.

  • Price: $3.30 for the Classic Milk Tea with Golden Bubble
  • Address: multiple outlets including Ion Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn, #B4-69, Singapore 238801


Photo: Facebook/AnswerTea.sg

Perfect for millennials (or anyone for the matter) trying to figure out their lives, Answer Tea offers delightfully colourful beverages and also the answer to life, the universe, and everything (The answer is 42 by the way. Treat yourself to a bubble tea if you can get the reference.). All you have to do is order a drink from the Macchiato Series, write your question on the cup holder of your drink, and you'll get the answer written in edible ink, on top of your drink's foam. Just don't expect help for your trigonometry homework…

Definitely get the Lemon Butterfly Milk Tea with Black Pearl and the delightfully tropical Kiwi Boba Tea.

Lemon Butterfly Milk Tea with Black Pearl.Photo: Facebook/AnswerTea.sg
Kiwi Boba Tea.Photo: Facebook/AnswerTea.sg
  • Price: $4.90 for the Lemon Butterfly Milk Tea
  • Address: Dhoby Ghaut MRT, 60 Orchard Road, #B2-06, Singapore 238889


Photo: Facebook/thelocalboxsg

Looking for bubble tea that's a little more grown up? Why not switch up your regular tipple for one of The Local Box's alcoholic bubble tea blends (Yes, you read that right)? If you're afraid that the spiked drinks might be too strong, have no fear because options like the Nutella Bailey's, Taro Tequila, Green Tea Heineken, Honey Gin & Tonic, and Pineapple Thyme Rum are mixed to sweet perfection. Feeling sian because you're the designated driver or alcohol isn't really your thing? Fret not as The Local Box also offers non-alcoholic versions of its racy bubble tea selections.

Considering that its located in Tanjong Pagar, it's perfect for office workers in the CBD looking for a little pick-me-up to beat the Monday blues.

  • Price: $11 for Nutella Baileys Milk Tea
  • Address: 8 Enggor Street, #01-05, Singapore 079718

9. TRUE BOSS (醋頭家)

Photo: Facebook/TrueBoss.SG

This Taiwanese import (the best ones always seem to hail from there), is the first bubble tea shop that specialises in using fruit vinegar in their drinks and that is what really makes their bubble tea blends unique. The fruit vinegars supposedly have a high concentration of stomach-friendly enzymes that will help move things along quickly. Their best-seller is the Peach Vinegar Tea with Mango and Kiwi slices, a refreshing beverage that is perfect for the sweltering Singaporean climate.

  • Price: $4.40 for the Brown Sugar Bubble Milk
  • Address: Northpoint City, 1 Northpoint Drive, #B2-134, Singapore 768019


Royal Milk Tea.Photo: Facebook/dalkommsg

Avid fans of K-dramas Descendants of the Sun and Goblin will recognise the name of this cafe and are most likely loyal fans who already know about their amazing concoctions. While dal.komm's menu celebrates coffee and fruit blends, the Royal Milk Tea is a must-try for bubble tea lovers. This drink doesn't come with boba pearls, but if you're a tea lover you'll enjoy its deep, rich black tea flavour.

  • Price: $7.50 for the Royal Milk Tea
  • Address: Two outlets; Marina Square, 6 Raffles Boulevard, #02-278, Singapore 039594 & The Centrepoint, 176 Orchard Road, #01-01/06 and #01-102/103, Singapore 238843

11. JENJUDAN 珍煮丹

Photo: Great Deals Singapore

Jenjudan 珍煮丹 comes from Taiwan and Hong Kong and proudly started at the Shilin Night Market in Taiwan in 2010. You can say they were pioneers of brown sugar milk tea before everyone else. Thankfully, Jenjudan just set up a store on 23 March 2019 at Citylink Mall!

Jenjudan is well know for their brown sugar pearls which are special. The pearls are infused with their homemade caramelised sugar.

  • Price: $5.20 for Brown Sugar Boba Milk
  • Address: 1 City Link Mall, #B1-13, Singapore 039393


Photo: Facebook/teafoliasg

If you're looking for really gorgeous bubble teas, Teafolia might just satisfy your craving. While they don't exactly do fancy presentations, their concoctions use fresh fruit slices that just makes the whole package aesthetically pleasing.

Teafolia's Signature Fruit Tea drink is a blend of Premium Four Seasons tea with fresh pineapple and assorted fresh fruits. Stirring it and allowing it to sit for 2 to 3 minutes before drinking brings out all the fresh fruity flavours!

  • Price: $5.50 for Taro Therapy Stirring Milk
  • Address: multiple branches including 20 Tampines Central 1, #01-29/30, Singapore 529538


Photo: Facebook/koithesg

KOI The Singapore is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in the Singapore bubble tea industry. Their Golden Bubble Milk Tea is a classic that is ever-popular with fans and newcomers alike. Patrons go crazy over the bouncing golden bubbles in this drink. The Matcha Macchiato, Black Tea Macchiato, and Matcha Latte did create a frenzy, as well, during their introduction.

  • Price: $3.50 for the Golden Bubble Milk Tea
  • Address: multiple outlets including Chinatown Point, 133 New Bridge Road, #01-39, Singapore 059413


Photo: Facebook/ShareteaSG

ShareTea is a tried and trusted favourite of Singaporeans. The brand has been around for a while but continues to innovate on their menu offers. Apart from the classic Pearl Black Milk Tea and the ever famous QQ Happy Family, they have seasonal new trendy drinks such as Brown Sugar Pearl Sea Salt Macchiato.

  • Price: $3.70 for the Taro White Pearls Milk Tea
  • Address: multiple outlets including Parkway Parade, 80 Marine Parade Road, #B1-21, Singapore 449269


Kurotaki Chabann (at Rangoon Road) is the place to sit down, relax and enjoy your bubble tea (while enjoying Cashback). The brand was founded in China in 2014 but quickly expanded and they currently have 2 outlets in Singapore: one in Rangoon Road and a smaller stall in CityLink Mall. Their most loved drinks are their Grapefruit Tea and the Brown Sugar Jelly Milk Tea. The Brown Sugar Jelly Milk Tea puts a different spin on the traditional brown sugar tea by making it with Japanese red tea and brown sugar jellies. If you prefer a higher dose of caffeine, they also have coffee drinks on their menu.

  • Price: $3.50 for the Brown Sugar Jelly Milk Tea
  • Address: The CherryLoft, #01-02, 180 Rangoon Road, Singapore 218442 & Citylink Mall, #B1-49, 1 Raffles Link, Singapore 039393


Chā Bar in Bangkok is dubbed the healthy milk tea bar and its drinks come with deliciously springy rice berry bobas and butterfly pearls. If you love bubble tea but you worry about the calories, Chā Bar is the perfect option. Their drinks are made with high quality and natural ingredients: fresh quality milk, tea leaves from Chiang Rai, and coconut syrup. The menu is diverse and includes drinks such as their Classic Cha + Boba, Thai Milk Cha, Green Cha Latte and even Coffee-Cha + Boba.

The start of the menu is the delicious Hot Thai Tea Ball and they often create seasonal specials. Currently, we have to go all the way to BKK to try it but, if we could wish for anything, we would like to have it here.

This article was first published in Shopback.