iPhone latte? 5 quirkiest lattes that are pushing the boundaries of coffee

First, there was Starbuck's unicorn frappucinno, then came the avolatte - as in literally, a latte served in the shell of an avocado. Now, bouncing off that idea, the iPhone latte has been created.

Around the world, people have been pushing the limit as to what can and should be done to lattes.

The result? A compilation of lattes so outrageous that you may find them amusing, annoying, or just plain unnecessary.

Get ready to redefine what you know about lattes:

Just a boring ol' latte.Photo: AsiaOne / Alvin Kosasi

 1. Avocado latte

What better way to break the bank than to combine two expensive food stuffs into one? The answer: avocado latte.

What started out as a funny response to Australian millionaire Tim Gurner's swipe at millennials' excessive spending on avocado toast and gourmet coffee has became a creation that was so well-received that it became viral, much to the Melbourne cafe's surprise.


Smiles all round here at Truman Cafe as our infamous "Avo Latte's" are all the rage right now ??

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2. iPhone latte

After you've put your latte in an avocado shell, why not in an iPhone box?

Wait, what?

Even though I adore both iPhones and lattes, never once did it cross my mind to consume my favourite beverage out of a rectangular box. 

The iPhone lattePhoto: Youtube / Mashable

This tongue-in-cheek Mashable video teaches you how to create an iPhone latte, using an iPhone 4/5 box for a small latte, an iPhone 6/7 for a medium and iPhone 6/7 Plus for a large cuppa.

Unable to find a local barista who will be willing to do this for you? Maybe the kopi uncle from your nearest kopitiam can help you with this endeavour. But it begs the question, why would you?

3. Charcoal latte

Drinking a black coloured liquid may not sound appealing, but charcoal lattes - a trend which started in the UK early this year, are now a thing.

The latte is infused with activated charcoal powder which explains its colour. One cafe in England claims that it is the "perfect drink if you're feeling a little bloated or if you just want an alternative to coffee," thanks to the detoxifying properties of charcoal.

But it appears the trend has taken off in other parts of the world, with the drink also spotted in cafes in Australia.

The next new health fad? Or the next Instagrammable food? Or a drink that reflects your personality? You decide.

4. Real latte art

Think the foam-based latte art your local barista produces is not pretty enough for Instagram?

A Seoul-based barista will blow your mind with his painted latte art using food dyes and a metal rod.

The result? A latte so beautiful that you might not want to drink it in fear of ruining the piece of art on top.

5. Unicorn latte

This next one comes straight out from your wildest, most colourful fantasies, complete with stars and glitter.


Hi Saturday ? we missed you ? RP: @monbreezy . ? lattes - so hot rn

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Yes, I know the questions that are already forming in your heads: Is that safe to drink? Isn't that Starbuck's unicorn frappucinno? Will I be able to transform into an unicorn after drinking this?

Questions aside, this cafe in Brooklyn manages to create what is undoubtedly the most accurate representation of a unicorn coffee, if there ever was one.

But, excuse me while I go back to taking sips on my boring ol' latte, thank you very much.