#Joeyjios: We dipped beef in bubble tea hotpot and ate toast covered in bubble tea pearls

This week on #Joeyjios, I jio-ed my spice-averse colleague, Bryan, to check out questionable bubble tea (BBT) food combinations.

Mala and bubble milk tea within the same hotpot? Sounds like a recipe that might make a lactose-intolerant someone run to the bathroom.

BBT and toast? Who even comes up with these ideas?

Which will we prefer? And will we ever choose these dishes over a basic cuppa boba with milk? Watch to find out.

If you're more of a traditionalist, check out last week's episode where we reviewed two of the hottest Taiwanese brands - The Alley Luxe and CHICHA San Chen - that recently opened along Orchard Road.

Heard of any more eyebrow-raising food combinations you'd like us to review? Let us know!