WATCH: 9 ways to make sure your leftover tomato sauce doesn't go to waste

Look we get it, tomato sauce is delicious and sometimes we make more than what we can eat.

So what do we do with the leftover sauce? Heaven forbids we throw it away.

Here are various ways in which you can utilise the leftover sauce so that it will not go to waste:

1. Make pizza

Because you can't make a pizza without a tomato base.

2. Add to canned beans 

Yum yum.

3. Add to scrambled eggs

Just remember to add it in before cooking.

4. Make cocktail sauce

Delicious tomato sauce to go with your prawns, anybody?

5. Combine with shredded horseradish


6. Add to marinades and soups

Zesty tomato taste to whet your appetite.

7. Whisk into salad dressing

So refreshing.

8. Make mexican rice


9. Freeze it and use it for later

Tomorrow's dinner settled.