Welcome the lunar new year with these yu sheng promotions in 2017

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If you're young and new to your career, Chinese New Year is a great time to show appreciation for the support your parents gave you all these years. Bring home a yu sheng platter for an unexpected treat; the dish is delicious whether as an appetiser or eaten on its own.

From pouring the ingredients in the correct order, reciting auspicious phrases, the joyous (and loud!) tossing of the dish, and right down to the last satisfying bite, yu sheng represents all the best parts of the Spring Festival.

Whether at home or in the office, toss up some good luck with these yu sheng promotions in Singapore this 2017. We'll update this page with all the best Yu Sheng takeaway deals as we find them, so stay tuned!

Xi Yan Shaw Casual Dining

In keeping with the restaurant's philosophy of serving up fresh ingredients as re-inventive works of art, XI YAN has put together a Yu Sheng platter that is as easy on the eye as the stomach.

Doing away with the usual shredded ingredients, XI YAN adorns the plate with leafy greens and salad vegetables for a refreshing kick. Topping it all off are slices of fresh fish and salmon roe for a vibrant festive dish that is sure to revive flagging spirits and appetites alike.

Choose from two varieties - Salmon Yu Sheng and Duo Fish Yu Sheng (top photo), which includes a mix of tuna and salmon.


Salmon Prosperity Yu Sheng
For two pax - $28
Small - $48
Medium - $68

Duo Fish Prosperity Yu Sheng (Salmon and Tuna)
Small - $68
Medium - $88

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Availability and other details

Collection period: Jan 13 to Feb 19

Takeaway plate: For a truly stunning dinner table display, opt for the takeaway plate, which is available at $10 each. You can return the takeaway plate once done to fully redeem your $10.

If you don't need the fancy plates, you can opt for normal plastic containers for between $0.20 to $0.30 each.

Address: 1 Scotts Road, Shaw Centre, #03-12/13, Singapore 228208
Tel: 6733 3476
Email: shaw@xiyan.com.sg

5 per cent off Soup Restaurant Yu Sheng with OCBC Cards

With outlets located all across the island, Soup Restaurant is a convenient choice for takeaway Yu Sheng.

The restaurant chain offers a classic take on the beloved dish, with colourful shredded vegetables and traditional seasonings of oil, pepper, spice powder and plum sauce.

The only concession to modern tastes is the replacement of salmon with the more traditional ikan parang. But if you (or the elders) have a craving for that 'Old World restaurant' taste, opt for the version with added jellyfish.

The promotion

Soup Restaurant also offers a Reunion Takeaway set, which includes Salmon Yu Sheng, along with Samsui Ginger Chicken, Lobster Seafood Treasure Pot, and Double-boiled Rice with 8 Gems.

The prices for the set is at $298 (for six pax) and $388 (for eight pax).

From now until 13 Jan, book this set with the OCBC 365 Credit Card to receive a 5 per cent discount. However, you must use the hotline - tel: 6645 9345 - to qualify.


Salmon Yu Sheng
Medium (six pax) - S$30.80
Large (10 pax) - S$42.80

Salmon Yu Sheng with Jellyfish
Medium (six pax) - S$36.80
Large (10 pax) - S$48.80

Availability and other details

Ordering period: Now till Jan 26

Collection period: Jan 9 to Feb 11

Collection on Jan 27 is available from 2pm to 4pm only.

Takeaway order hotline: 6645 9345

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