The world's largest underwater restaurant has opened and there's already a six-month waiting list


The world's largest underwater restaurant, Under, opened its doors in Norway just a few weeks ago.

Designed by Norwegian architecture firm Snøhetta, the restaurant takes the form of a large 34-metre monolithic structure that is partially submerged in the ocean sideways, almost like a shipwreck.

The 5,318sqf restaurant not only serves up fine seafood dishes, but also houses a research facility for marine life! 

Its structure was designed such that the roughness of the concrete shell will be able to function as artificial reef, welcoming limpets and kelp over time.


On top of that, the underwater building was built to withstand pressure and shock from even the strongest and roughest waves.

According to Snøhetta, Under was designed to emphasise the striking contrast and harmonious co-existence, between the land and sea.

Inspired by the stunning colours of a sunset that has dropped to the ocean, the elegant textile-clad ceiling adds a touch of serenity to the interiors.

Featuring light wood Scandinavian-style furniture, the restaurant's interiors are kept simple, letting the beautiful undersea views take the centrestage. 


Focusing on quality and locally-sourced ingredients, Under aims to reiterate the importance of sustainable wildlife capture. All year round, the head chef experiments with the produce and various compositions, providing diners an unforgettable fine dining experience. a full 18-course meal costs up to $570 per person, including drinks.

Under may have just opened recently, but there's already a sixth-month waiting list for a table at the intimate restaurant. So if you're planning a trip to Norway some time next year, be sure to reserve a table soon!

This article was first published in Home & Decor.