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Adult diaper pants may a good solution for those who have limited mobility due to incontinence

As people age, incontinence starts to become a problem as their bodies weaken and mobility decreases.

While it is important to care for the elderly and ensure that they are properly looked after, overdoing this care may lead to a loss of independence for both the elderly individual and for his or her caregiver.

Over time, the elderly person will increasingly rely on others to perform basic tasks such as relieving himself, and in turn, the caregiver will need to spend more time on caring for and assisting him.

As people age, incontinence starts to become a problem. Photo: iStock

Addressing incontinence

Adult diapers are a good method of addressing the issue of incontinence in the elderly. There are two types of diapers, tape diapers and diaper pants. Many people opt for the former due to a low awareness of the latter's benefits.

Yet there are problems with tape diapers. They need to be worn correctly to achieve a proper fit, as a tape diaper that is too tight or too loose will cause discomfort or excreta to leak out from the side.

Moreover, they can be stuffy and uncomfortable and may cause rashes when worn for an extended period.

They can also be tricky to use, as they often require someone else's help to be put on and taken off.

Psychologically, an elderly person who constantly requires another person's help to relieve himself may also feel demoralised, as it reinforces his helplessness and dependence.

Requiring another person's help constantly may demoralise an elderly individual. Photo: iStock

A better solution

On the other hand, diaper pants fit snugly and are highly absorbent, preventing the leakage of excreta.

Their soft, lightweight and breathable texture is skin-friendly. In fact, being hidden, comfortable and not very noticeable, wearing a pair of diaper pants is not unlike wearing underwear.

More importantly, diaper pants are easy to put on and take off. Elderly people can wear them with less help from a caregiver. Thus, the elderly are able to remove and re-wear them when they go to the toilet - like a pair of underwear - instead of needing to replace them like a pair of tape diapers every time they are soiled.

Visiting the toilet independently gives the elderly the chance to exercise. This makes them feel independent, and also helps them to be more mobile and autonomous.

Lifree is Japan's first - and most popular - adult diaper brand. Its philosophy of "Be Yourself" emphasises on the importance of dignity, independence and quality of life. Individuals can continue enjoying life confidently and do the things they like, because Lifree is on hand to support their needs.

With its own product development team that continually innovates on its products, Lifree strives to provide the best products incorporating the latest technologies. Its latest Japan AntiBac technology protects skin from bacteria, rashes and bed sores for better comfort and health.

With this technology, users no longer need to worry about suffering discomfort and health problems caused by urine or skin allergies.

Lifree's latest Japan AntiBac technology protects skin from bacteria, rashes and bed sores. Photo: Unicharm

Choosing the right diaper pants

Lifree offers two kinds of diaper pants: Ultra Slim Pants and Powerful Slim Pants.

The former is a lighter product. It is 50 per cent slimmer than the Powerful Slim Pants, and is fitting and comfortable. The latter has higher absorbency and provides protection for long hours.

Lifree products are designed to help improve mobility, not just absorb excreta.Photo: Unicharm

When deciding on the type of diaper pants to purchase, take the wearer's Activities of Daily Living (ADL) level into account.

ADL 0-1 refers to a person who can walk independently or with minimal assistance. ADL 2 describes people who can walk, sit or stand with assistance, while ADL 3 refers to individuals who are bedridden.

Consider the user's ADL level when deciding what type of diapers to purchase.Photo: Unicharm

The Ultra Slim Pants are specially designed especially for those with a lower ADL level. Generally active in daily life, such users thus require diaper pants only as an added layer of protection in case of emergencies. The Powerful Slim Pants, on the other hand, target those at higher ADL levels, and are designed for heavy-duty use.

In general, diaper pants help to improve mobility - not just absorb excreta.

Choosing the right product and using it correctly can give the elderly more control and independence, and boost their dignity and quality of life. It can also make it easier for caregivers to take care of their charges.

Lifree products are available at FairPrice, Giant, Cold Storage, Sheng Siong, Mustafa and Watsons outlets islandwide.

You can also purchase them online at Amazon, Redmart, Qoo10, and FairPrice Online.