Kim Kardashian fan spends $37,000 to look like reality TV star

PHOTO: Kim Kardashian fan spends $37,000 to look like reality TV star

There are much better role models out there, but it seems that Claire Leeson is so enamoured by Kim Kardashian that she wants to look just like the reality TV star - at any cost.

UK news website Metro reported that the 24-year-old, who lives in London, said in a TV interview she became hooked on Kim K after watching her in Keeping Up With The Kardashians in 2009.

Realising that she had the same number of sisters as the star, she set out to become a clone of the star.

So far, she's spent a small fortune - US$30,000 (S$37,000) - on surgery and clothes, including a boob job, teeth whitening, hair extensions and bum padding.

She also has plans to remove fats from other parts of her body to be put in her bottom, in a bid to mimic Kardashian's ample derriere.

According to Leeson, her obsession stems from being bullied at school - "I was told everyday I was the ugliest thing alive and I should kill myself," she reportedly said.

All that money spent on looking like Kim K also means that Leeson is heavily in debt. Nevertheless, she claims that looking like the Hollywood celebrity makes her feel "unstoppable and untouchable".

We think you have some serious confidence issues, hon.

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