Podcast: Health Check - How to control blood sugar levels when eating out and tweak your favourite kaya toast breakfast set

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Episode 2

Duration: 11 mins

Synopsis: In this new podcast series for 2018, The Straits Times tackles health tips and the impact of national policies with expert guests.

This episode targets diabetics and the general public as well, if they want to avoid diabetes. Get practical dieting tips especially if you have been recently diagnosed with diabetes.

How do you navigate when eating out or at hawker centres? How do you keep your portions controlled, to avoid blood glucose levels shooting up? What vegetables should you go for?

When it comes to one of Singapore's favourite breakfast sets - the kaya toast meal and its accompanying drink - what can you tweak, to make it a healthier set?

Join Ernest Luis, head of podcasting, and Linette Lai, a health correspondent with The Straits Times, as they host Dr Kalpana Bhaskaran, head of the Glycaemic Index Research Unit at Temasek Polytechnic, and vice-president of Diabetes Singapore.

Produced by: Salma Khalik and Ernest Luis

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