10 'brightliners' that will convince you to try the coloured eyeliner trend

10 'brightliners' that will convince you to try the coloured eyeliner trend
PHOTO: Uzu by Flow Fushi

We love our black eyeliner, but sometimes, it’s boring when you stick to the basics for too long. As the season of wearing less and going out more, summer is also the ideal moment to experiment with colorful eyeliner. We found 10 humidity-friendly eyeliners that will turn up the heat for your selfies this summer.


Eye Opening Liner in Light Blue, $22, UZU by Flow Fushi

This cult Japanese brand’s eyeliner is everything we dreamed of: easy to take off, stain-free and cruelty-free! If you are a coeliac, this brand’s formula is a winner as it’s long-lasting and gluten-free, too.

Polymer Eyeliner & Lash Glue in Igneus, $16.64, Pseudo Labs

A gel-based formula, this eyeliner is also a lash glue for your falsies, too! While it delivers a pop of colour, it’s also removable with micellar water.

Line Artist: The Brights, $114, About Face

Halsey’s makeup line is just as fun and riotous as the popstar themself. Though About Face doesn’t ship directly, you can get it via vPost.

Flypencil in Cherry Punk, $34, Fenty Beauty

Pop-punk is back. A staple back in the ‘00s, red eyeliner is just as fierce now as it was then. Make it modern with a tight waterline, nude eyeshadow and tons of mascara with red lip stain.

Winged Eyeliner Stamp, $42, The Quick Flip

The struggle to apply wingled eyeliner is real. This stamp will help you achieve the cat eye look in no due time. Pair the look with a nude lip on a GNO.

24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Freak, $30, Urban Decay

Urban Decay never misses the mark with its cruelty-free and long-lasting formula. This aptly named shade is bound to light up your makeup look on lunch when you pair it with pink glossy lips and shimmery eyeshadow.

The Colour Pen Eyeliner in 137, $22.50, 3INA Makeup

An orange-yellow hue that won’t wash out your skin, this shade is cool for the summer.

Beauty Waterproof Cushion Liner in Cotton Candy, $20.61, Danessa Myricks

Compared to traditional liners, this pot formula allows you to control as much pigment as you want distributed when you line your eyes. As bright as your highlighter, tone it down with a sheer lipstick or nude gloss.

Aqua Resist Color Ink Liquid Eyeliner in Copper Lava, $38, Make Up Forever

Metallic liner looks intimidating, this it’s something to try in the summer if you want to go for a less intense vibe. Dressy enough for the day with a nude gloss, yet it’s also elegant for the evening when paired with red lipstick.

Major Dimension Precision Gel Liner in Cream, $40, Patrick Ta

Go nude or go home. A secret hack for wider eyes, this nude shade is perfect as a base for other eyeliner hues or worn alone for a statement look.

This article was first published in Her World Online.

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