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10 creative Taobao home decor for your HDB flat

10 creative Taobao home decor for your HDB flat
PHOTO: Taobao

Already thinking about decorating your new BTO home? Or just looking for unique home decor to jazz up your living space? Many BTO veterans will agree that Taobao is the best place for you to get the most creative, yet affordable home decor to turn your home dreams into reality.

Yes, my BTO key collection is still four years away and I’ve already started browsing for my home decor. I’m anxious like that! Let me share with you 10 of the best home decors that I’ve already added to my Taobao wishlist:

3D Light Display

This light display really caught my eye. I’m thinking of using it as a night light in one of my rooms, or I could use it as ambience light in the living room during a night of Netflix.

Price: ¥27.80 (S$6)
Buy it on Taobao: Click here

Minimalistic Flower Vase

Placing a flower vase on our dining tables instantly brightens up the space. Taobao offers a variety of choices but here’s my pick – a flower vase that’s seemingly hollow and see-through. How cool is this!

Price: From ¥14.5
Buy it on Taobao: Click here

Galaxy Projector Night Light

Ever wondered what’s it like to float in galaxy? This galaxy projector can light up a bedroom with brilliant stars and planets.

If I have kids by then, I can also choose a projector from a variety of sea creatures, dinosaurs, and the princess as pictured above. When I don’t want the projection, I can just put on the cover and it becomes a night light. Oh, and it’s a bluetooth speaker too!

Price: From ¥43
Buy it on Taobao: Click here

Custom Neon Signs

Nothing says a fun, modern home like neon signs! I can pick from a selection of ready-made signs or just submit my custom designs. Whether it’s text or illustrations, these guys can get it done at an extremely affordable price.

Price: From ¥60
Buy it on Taobao: Click here

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are the most common decor and there’s no doubt why – they create such a cost and magical atmosphere. Taobao offers not just regular fairy lights, but also star-shaped ones, Christmas themed ones, and even lantern fairy lights!

Price: From ¥15.50
Buy it on Taobao: Click here

Digital Clocks

Clocks are essential in every house but why stick to plain designs when we can get creative ones from Taobao?

This digital clock displays the date, time, temperature, and even humidity levels. How cool is that! Plus, it has intelligent dimming that actually dims the display when it gets dark, so that it won’t appear uncomfortably bright in a dark room.

Price: From ¥98
Buy it from Taobao: Click here

Textured Wallpaper

We often rely on paint to give our homes a pop of colour, but have you considered wallpaper? These thick, textured wallpaper are easy to apply to walls and also waterproof. The soft colours really give a homely feel!

Price: ¥89
Buy it on Taobao: Click here

Light Switch Frame

Forget spending time trying to find unique light switches, they don’t differ much. But what if you can decorate it?

This cute wooden frame really caught my eye and there are even variations that come with hangers to hang keys and clothes. I’m already getting one for my current room before my BTO flat!

Price: ¥18.90
Buy it on Taobao: Click here

Floor Mats

Who knew floor mats could be part of home decor too? These gorgeous mats can make my main door hallway pop and the best part is that they’re made with environmentally-friendly PVC! If the length is too long, I can also cut the mat along the lines easily with a pair of regular scissors.

Price: From ¥15.90
Buy it on Taobao: Click here

Unit Number Plaque

Did you know? We can actually customise our unit number plaque instead of sticking to those offered by HDB. Although it may be a small change, you’ll be surprised as to how much aesthetic this adds to your cosy home!

Price: From ¥7
Buy it on Taobao: Click here

This article was first published in YouTrip.

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