10 shoe display ideas to rival Kane Lim's from Bling Empire

PHOTO: Zenith Arc

Unless you’ve been off social media for the past couple of weeks, you would have heard the now-famed Netflix reality series, Bling Empire and one of its stars, the equally famous real estate mogul Kane Lim, who by the way, is a Singaporean.

If you’ve watched the series and are as shoe-obsessed as he is, it is likely you drooled at his extravagant wall of designer shoes. Shoe-holics, fret not, for we are here to make your dreams come true too with these shoe display ideas sans the designer shoes obvs—you need to get those yourself.

1. Sneaker dedication

PHOTO: Fifth Avenue Interior

Now here’s one shoe wall that definitely rivals that of Kane Lim’s. An entire room in this 5-room HDB resale flat is devoted to the homeowner’s sneaker collection.

Rows of sneakers line a black backdrop, with only the centre column, dedicated to his favourite Air Jordan 1s, set against a textured concrete background.

Different forms of lighting, including indirect LED strips and ceiling-mounted LED tubes, serve to illuminate the collection.

2. Wall of fame

PHOTO: Neu Konceptz

While this is a much humbler collection, it is no less envy-worthy. Perforated steel racks are mounted against a brick wall in various heights, offering a visually interesting feature in this modern urban style home.

The perforation of the metal racks allows for shoe ventilation—so important for keeping your shoes dry and in good condition.

3. Behind the looking glass

PHOTO: The Vision Project

Storing your shoes behind closed cabinets keeps the dust away, but go for glass panels and slanted inner shelves for a stylish way to show them off.

Running along the sides are LED strips to offer better illumination. We love the dark wood laminate that was chosen, complementing some of the leather shoes on display for a very handsome combination.

4. Warm welcome

PHOTO: The Scientist

There’s no better place to display your shoes than the foyer, especially if you will actually be wearing them.

Part of the built-in shoe cabinet here was set aside for displaying some of the homeowner’s favourite collections with a sliding glass door to keep the dust out. The other section features a closed concept to store everyday shoes.

5. A vision of light

PHOTO: Neu Konceptz

In this open-concept walk-in wardrobe located within the bedroom, a display shelf dedicated to shoes becomes the focal point for the space.

Bright lights illuminate the footwear, seemingly making them glow in this mostly white room.

6. Sneak peek

PHOTO: Two Dots Interior

Another shoe cabinet design with a section for shoe display. Two glass panelled doors offer a peek into the homeowner’s choice sneaks, with track lights installed above to lend emphasis.

It’s a great way to add a splash of colour to the space, while providing a way to showcase your sneaker love.

7. Walled in

PHOTO: Project Guru

The walk-in wardrobe takes centre stage in this home. Set smack in the middle of the living room, it parades the homeowner’s fashion accessories—including some multi-hued sneakers mounted on open shelves with hidden LED strips—behind a glass enclosure.

The rest of his shoe collection is stored in stacked boxes below the shelves.

8. His and Hers

PHOTO: Dots ‘n’ Tots Interior Design
PHOTO: Dots ‘n’ Tots Interior Design

The walk-in closet in this BTO is divided into his and hers, with rows of open shelving serving as shoe display.

The open-plan design does mean you have to keep everything neat and tidy, but it’s total time-saver when you can see where everything is at a glance.

9. Glow in the dark

PHOTO: Zenith Arc

What makes this shoe display stand out is the shelving.

Rather than conventional opaque ones, these shelves come with a translucent panel to allow the installed lighting to filter through, casting a soft and subtle glow around the shoe display.

10. Within the shelter

PHOTO: DistinctIdentity

Not using the bomb shelter as a storage room? Have it display your numerous shoes.

Add a mirror so you can strike a pose while you’re at it. We love how the designer jazzed things up with the shelves so it’s not all standard in size.

It’s a great way to add interest while also allowing footwear of different sizes and shapes—from heels to boots—to fit in.

This article was first published in Renonation.