10 stylish items under $30 to keep your home mosquito-free

PHOTO: Mosum, Ace Wood

There were a total of 26,126 dengue cases reported to the National Environment Agency (NEA) in the first 34 weeks of 2020.

As of Aug 24, there are 366 active dengue clusters in Singapore, the agency reported, where intensive dengue transmission is ongoing.

One particular area of concern for the agency is the repeated mosquito breeding in homes. It may be daunting when you find an NEA officer knocking on your door for an inspection, but it is far more daunting to find out that 23 of out of 150 home inspections yielded multiple mosquito breeding habitats.

So let’s do our part in keeping the mosquito out of our home. Here, we’ve selected 10 items to keep your home mosquito-free. You can buy them online, and the best part is, they’re all under $30.

PHOTO: Baseus

Baseus New Intelligent Mosquito Killer Light ($20.90)

Weighing just less than half a kilogram, this LED night light dazzles mosquitos and lures them to a certain death in its vortex, which contains a rotating seven-blade fan.It is suitable to cover an indoor area of 20 sqm. It also comes with a handle so you can hang it in high places.

PHOTO: Xiaomi

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Mosquito Repellent ($22.90)

When Xiaomi launched the first mosquito repellent, it won the German iF Design Award. Today, the design has evolved into this smart version, which can be controlled via Xiaomi’s Mi Home app.

This sleek little gadget uses an incense capsule and a fan to disperse odourless mosquito repellent. Each tablet can last up to 720 hours, that’s eight hours per night for three months. Suitable to cover an indoor area of 28 sqm.

PHOTO: Ostells

Ostells USB-Powered Mosquito Killer Lamp ($17.95)

No, that’s not Dyson’s legendary hair dryer, though if you’re into matchy-matchy gadget, you probably want to consider this one.

This cute little gadgets attracts mosquitoes and other insects by UV light and sucks them inside the container via a fan. It’s portable and USB-powered with quiet operation. It can cover 20 to 40 sqm of indoor space.

PHOTO: lailongp

USB Electric Insect Repellent UV Night Light ($16.90)

This device also attracts mosquitoes and flies with light and sucks them and trap them in and kill them with exposure to dry air (“death by dehydration,” they say).

This energy saving USB-powered unit feature 360-degree light that attracts insects from every direction and can cover 20 to 40 sqm indoor area. Did we mention it’s available in four colours? Choose from black, white, pink or blue options to match your interior.

PHOTO: PowerPac

PowerPac LED Mosquito Trap ($24.90)

Another sound option for mosquito trap from a brand known for value and compactness, this trap features light wave lure, vortex technology and an escape-proof, easy to clean trap container to eliminate mosquitoes. Highly portable, it runs on 5-watt power and can cover up-to 40 sqm of indoor space.

PHOTO: Mosum

Mosum Electric Mosquito Swatter with Digital Display ($27)

For those who prefer a more active way to kill mosquitoes, there's nothing as satisfying as an electric swatter. This one features three-layer safety mesh, a built-in 1800mAh large capacity battery, support magnetic charging and USB charging with digital display screen that shows its remaining power.

It can also double as wall light when mounted on the wall away from the children’s reach. The white light is for illumination while the purple light is for mosquito killing – handy! Decorated with a gorgeous illustration of tan hua (those flowers in Crazy Rich Asians) too!

PHOTO: Xiaomi

Xiaomi Qualitell 2 in 1 Electric Mosquito Swatter ($19.90)

Another sound offering from Xiaomi, this pleasingly circular electric swatter (which will go great for minimalist interiors) also doubles as night lights.

Featuring a built-in 1,200mAh battery, It can be wall mounted or docked on its charging base, and offers three modes: mosquito (for swatting), standby (for lighting) and shutdown (power off).

PHOTO: Joymo

Joymo Mosquito Catcher UV LED Solar-Powered Garden Light ($8.20)

Want to start repelling mosquitoes outdoor? Opt for this garden light. It operates with similar principle of attracting mozzies with light and zap them dead, but outdoor, and solar-powered, so you need not fret to charge it to work.

Simply stake it on the ground. It has two modes, one as lawn light and the other to kill bugs. It can operated for eight hours on full battery and can last from eight to ten years.


DIY Magnetic Mosquito Screen Kit ($19.90)

Mosquito-proofing your home is as important as equipping it with trapping and zapping gadgets. What’s that, DIY is not your thing? This kit is as easy as papering your drawers, we promise. The set includes: joint corners, PVC strips, magnetic clips and strips, and 0.7×0.7m mesh in grey or black. The frame is available in four colours.

Simply sandwich the mesh in the frame and adjust the size to suit your window (the full instruction included in the kit, of course, and it’s not more complicated than Ikea’s) size and trim the excess. Did we mention it’s magnetic so you on can take it on and off in a jiffy? Great to catproof your window too!

PHOTO: Ace Wood

Artemisia Argyi Coil Incense (From $17)

Maybe you’re a fan of the traditional oriental solution? Behold the Artemisia argyi coil incense, made from the plant commonly known as silvery wormwood or Chinese mugwort known in Chinese as àicǎo (艾草) or ài yè (艾叶) or ài hao (艾蒿) and in Japanese as gaiyou. It is used in herbal medicine for conditions of the liver, spleen and kidney.

Artemisia Argyi is also known to be one of the most effective mosquito repellent and have been proven an efficient and economical medicine even during epidemic periods in China. Make it part of your decor by displaying it inside a pretty incense holder.

This article was first published in Home & Decor.