10 viral Chinese make-up brands and where to find them in Singapore

10 viral Chinese make-up brands and where to find them in Singapore
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We’ve heard of Korean beauty and Japanese beauty trends, now make way for Chinese beauty brands. Finally getting they recognition they deserve, these products come in beautifully packaged components and offer you the buildable pigmentation for that Douyin makeup look. 

Oomph things up with these glittery highlights, glossy lip stains and eyeshadows that will take over your makeup regime. Get to know these 10 viral Chinese makeup brands:


Known for their iconic lipsticks and stains, Flortte bridges the gap between in-demand makeup and affordability. The Chinese brand keeps things cute and light with their adorable aesthetics and packaging. Some products worth trying are the I Am Super Beauty Jelly Lipsticks ($10.64), Nice To Meet Chu Blush Powder ($9.31) and the Nice To Meet Lip Lasting Tint ($10.64), now with all new colours.

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Curating products that are cruelty-free and vegan, what makes Catkin so special is their intricately designed packaging that honours traditional Chinese designs, as well as the reliable quality of the products.

Available on Shopee and platforms like Chic Decent, you can delve in the brand’s best-sellers like the Fairy Tales 4-in-1 Multi-function Makeup Palette ($33.65) with smooth matte, cream shimmery and intense metallic shades. The Summer Palace 2-in-1 BB Cream Foundation & Pressed Setting Powder ($54.60) and Liquid Eye Shadow ($7.98) are also crowd-favourites.

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A makeup brand that gain popularity during the pandemic lockdowns is Florasis. Capturing the attention of both western and eastern audiences, the viral brand impressed with its intricately carved makeup products that can only be described as art. Netizen favourites include the multi-purpose Florasis 9 Colour Eyeshadow Palette ($80).

Another is the Matte Floral Concentric Lock Lipstick ($66-$68) with the body of the lipstick engraved with Zhang Chang’s Drawing His Wife’s Eyebrows, a famous love story in the Han Dynasty. Want it all? The Miss Blossom Makeup Essentials Kit ($196-$198) comes with a setting powder, makeup palette, lipstick, mascara, and five piece makeup brush set along with other complimentary gifts.

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Pocket-friendly makeup brand Judydoll is well-loved for its Starlight Highlighting Powder ($10.69). Almost a dupe for the Fenty Beauty Diamond Bomb Highlighter, you’re able to achieve the same look for a third of the price.

Our personal favourites from the drugstore brand includes the Integrated Plate Comprehensive Disc Three-Dimensional Shadow ($16), which includes multi-purpose powders for contouring, highlighting, and concealing, as well as the Two-Color Blush ($15) with a pink and blue pigment.

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Another Chinese makeup brand that’s making it big in the western market is Kaleidos from Shanghai. In a pursuit to change the perspective of the make-up industry from fixing flaws and conforming to beauty standards, the brand aims to promote creative self-expression  through the best tools.

Needless to say, the products are just as bold – be it their packaging, colour ways, or pigmentation. We’re big fans of their eyeshadow palates, the Epiphany Glow Melt-On Eyeliners ($21.35) and Symphony Contour Trio ($33.36).

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Another drugstore brand, Colorkey keeps things dainty and cute with their well-loved products. One of the preferred choice of the Chinese population, the brand takes the number one spot on Taobao Mall when it comes to lipsticks.

The natural shades in the Long-lasting Lip Glaze ($9-$15) include the Caramel red Chestnut (B705), and Peach Custard (P713). The Summer Ice Cream Series ($8.50) features both matte and glossy shades that come in adorable packaging.

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Popular for its bold colours and innovative packaging, GirlCult offers more options for makeup-lovers. The brand follows the philosophy of “freaky is good” and is accustomed to seeing beauty in the weird and unorthodox. In the avant-garde brand aesthetics of the brand, you’ll find bizarre concepts, detailed packagings  prints and patterns as well as a quirky futuristic vision. 

Offering products in blush, eye shadow, highlighter, lipstick and contouring categories, our top picks include The Classic Of Bazarre Tales Eyeshadow Palette ($30.69 – $48.04) as well as the Eyebrow N Eyeliner Pencil ($21.35).

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Flower Knows

Founded in 2016, Flower Knows is an emerging brand that’s making its way to this part of the world. Based in a fairy-tale fantasy, the rather neutral tones of makeup are encased in gorgeously decorated pans and palates.

Think almost celestial-inspired beauty goods with hints of gold, engravings and carvings as well as artwork dedicated to Baroque style, and the Renaissance. Best-sellers are the Strawberry Rococo Series Five-Color Eyeshadow Palette ($43.20) and Unicorn Embossed Blush Natural Cheek Blusher ($42.12).

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Cute Rumour

Continuing on the cutesy theme, Cute Rumour sells products straight out of a wonderland. Think Alice in Wonderland inspired items, figurine lipsticks and other character-based tools and makeup.

Thinking of picking something up? We’d recommend splurging on the Wonderland Tea Party Series Pocket Watch Powder Blush (US$28.30) (S$38), available in five colours, as well as the Unicorn Series Glitter Liquid Eyeshadow (US$25.50) for that iridescent look.

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Last but not least, Joocyee has become a household name amongst avid makeup users – be it in Singapore or China. The brand is particularly focused towards who are all about the aesthetics. We’re talking neutral toned packaging and easy colours that can be worn every day.

Talk about trendy and practical! Some products that’ve resonated with us include the New Umber Velvet Gloss ($20) which comes in beautiful brown tones, Motion Color Mini Quad Eyeshadow ($22.68), and the trending Tortoise Shell Blush ($17.34).

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