11 foods to avoid on your wedding day, or other important occasions

11 foods to avoid on your wedding day, or other important occasions
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After months of dieting, working out and going for regular beauty treatments, you have finally made it to your big day. Besides checking that you have everything you need for the wedding, you also need to ensure you eat enough for energy to get you through the long day.

However, don’t just eat anything that’s available. There are foods that you should stay away from if you don’t want to feel bloated or have an upset stomach. Here are 11 foods to avoid eating on your wedding day.

1. Beans

Beans are nutritious but they are also high in fibre and contain a type of sugar called oligosaccharides that the body finds hard to digest. This can cause gas and bloating especially for people with sensitive stomachs.

2. Pastries

It may be tempting to grab a pastry for a quick bite but the high levels of carbs and sugars can cause your blood sugars to spike. It will cause you to feel lethargic and crave for more sugar.

3. Garlic and onions

The last thing you want is for your breath to smell when you are kissing your groom or greeting your guests. When you consume garlic and onions, the bad breath will linger for hours even if you eat mints or use a mouth wash.

This is because odour molecules from these foods enter your bloodstream and reach your lungs, causing an unpleasant smell when you exhale.

4. Cheese

Cheese contains hard-to-digest fat, making it likely for nausea, bloating and fatigue to hit you.

5. Alcohol

Beer releases carbon dioxide in the stomch, resulting in bloating and belching. As for hitting the drinks hard, common sense prevails that you should leave that for another party that’s not your wedding.

6. Granola bars

Finishing off a processed granola bar basically equates to consuming an entire candy bar as they contain just as much sugar. Instead, make your own trail mix with protein-packed nuts and seeds like almonds and chia seeds to to keep yourself full.

7. Carbonated drinks

Carbonated drinks can irritate your stomach. Stick to warm water or tea to prevent bloating!

8. Fried foods

Greasy foods can cause low energy levels and fatigue. Instead of reaching for a handful of fries, choose to consume foods like avocados or nuts to bolster your energy.

9. Spicy food

Keep the spice for another day if you want to steer clear of getting acid reflux or heartburn. It can even contribute to bad breath!

10. Raw vegetables

Avoid eating too much raw vegetables before your big day. An extra load of fibre can cause gassiness if your digestive enzyme levels are low.

11. Caffeine

Bad news for coffee addicts – but try to avoid too much caffeine on your big day. Having a cup may leave you feeling the jitters. As an alternative, you can brew some herbal tea to calm your nerves.

This article was first published in Her World Online.

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