$119 for 2 months' worth of meat: TikTok user shares tips on how she stretches her dollar

$119 for 2 months' worth of meat: TikTok user shares tips on how she stretches her dollar
TikTok user Sharmeeecooks heads to Geylang Serai Market for her bi-monthly wet market grocery shopping.
PHOTO: Screengrabs/TikTok/Sharmeeecooks

With food costs running high these days, a decision has to be made once freezer stocks are low. Supermarket, wet market or online grocery shopping?

For TikTok user Sharmeeecooks, it's no debate — straight to the popular Geylang Serai Market she goes. 

In a TikTok video, which was posted last Friday (Aug 26) and has since garnered over 37,000 views, she shared a couple of grocery shopping tips and how she stretches her dollar despite inflation.

The wet market, located on the ground floor, is one of the biggest and busiest in Singapore.

Despite that, it was quiet when Sharmeeecooks arrived before the break of dawn.

"I went really early in the morning so a lot of my favourite stalls weren't open yet."

That didn't bother her too much as she continued looking for fresh meats in the wet market.


On her shopping list were lamb chops, chickens, fish and squid.

She buys them in relatively large quantities — two whole kampung chickens ($26), 2kg of chicken wings ($7), 1.5kg of lamb chops ($24) and 1kg of fresh squid ($13) among others.

Total amount spent? About $119.

"I try to do this marketing once every two months so my fridge and freezer is [are] stocked," Sharmeeecooks added.

This way, she doesn't have to head to the market "every week or every other day".

Sharmeeecooks said that more regular trips to the wet market — albeit buying goods in smaller amounts — would be more costly in the long run.

Not only that, but it would also be more time consuming and one is likely to be spending more on transport too.

Upon completing her grocery run, Sharmeeecooks headed home and immediately started prepping the food.

Given the large haul of items purchased, preparing and packing them into smaller portions wasn't an easy and straightforward task.

It's clear to see that Sharmeeecooks' method of grocery shopping is hard graft so some have asked her to simply order groceries online.

Her response is that wet markets are still generally cheaper than grocery shopping online.

"So you do you, and I do me. But this is really how I can stretch my dollar," Sharmeeecooks said.

In the comments section, one netizen wished she knew about these cost-saving tips sooner while another is impressed at the variety and amount she got for $119.

Sharmeeecooks said she's aware that many Singaporeans are feeling the pinch as consumer prices continued to climb in July and core inflation hit a 13-year high.

Whether it be eating out or ordering takeaway, food will cost a bomb, she says.

The advice from Sharmeeecooks is to follow in her footsteps.

"So if you really want to save money, relook at your groceries budget and do this instead."

If you're on board with her freezer restocking methods, her TikTok page might interest you as well.

With the wide array of ingredients on the ready, Sharmeeecooks shares videos on how to prepare some scrumptious-looking eats such as rendang meatballs with tzatziki sauce or homemade sardine epok-epok.

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