13 quirky wedding ideas and stories from these Singaporean couples

PHOTO: Bottled Groove Photography


When your passion for mahjong is real and true! 

We love how this couple went all out with this mahjong-themed shoot by renting a yacht and getting their bridal party in full traditional costumes for the occasion. 

PHOTO: Jeffery Koh Photography

Here's one for the couples who've spent many hours in the aisle of Decathlon Singapore shopping for their next adventure. 

Check out photographer Jeffery Koh's Facebook page for the full shoot.

PHOTO: Tinydot Photography

This must be the yummiest bridal bouquet in wedding history.

In contrast to their grand ballroom march-in, this quirky bride appeared with a KFC-sponsored drumstick bouquet! 

PHOTO: Said & Meant Weddings 

Why not make use of Singapore's world-class public transport system and take the MRT to your wedding venue? Like how this super chill couple did! 

PHOTO: Joy de Vi

Our creative real couple displayed their pre-wedding portraits (and love story) in the form of this banner stand that doubled up as a decorative backdrop as well.

PHOTO: The Beautiful Moment Photography 

For Wu Jiezhen and Jared Khong, the idea behind their HDB pre-wedding photo shoot actually started with wanting to capture the completion of their new home.

"We realised how symbolic it was to capture this new beginning of marriage and moving into our new home, and we thought it might be good to document this exciting time in our lives."

PHOTO: Samuel Goh 

Instead of having a morning of gatecrashing festivities, this couple took the chill road and kicked back with an alfresco breakfast with their bridal party instead! 

PHOTO: Multifolds 

What a refreshing change for a pre-wedding shoot by this couple! 

Multifolds, their photographer, shared the story behind this image: "Earlier today, I had a chance to photograph a super spontaneous pair! When we had our discussion, they told me that they wanted the photos to be fun and what better fun than being kicked into the pool?" 

PHOTO: Andri Tei 

Teo Mun Ching and Vincent Wang took a SMRT bus to their wedding at CHIJMES, where they were married in a simple ceremony and sat down to a catered lunch.

"Hopping onto a SMRT bus from Mun Ching’s place to the venue in our wedding attire while accompanied by two of our friends was such fun. We did receive a lot of curious stares and aunties taking pictures though!"

PHOTO: Synchronal Photography

The stuff of modern romance, this bride surprised her groom with a proposal of her own while shooting their pre-wedding photos in her hometown of Chiang Rai, Thailand. Synchronal Photography captured the emotions and moment beautifully. 

PHOTO: AndroidsinBoots

How cute is this wedding car with its top hat and turban? Thought up by the groom's father and brother, the wedding car decor not only made for a cute prop but was in the colour theme of their wedding as well. 

PHOTO: Stanstills 

A Daft Punk-inspired wedding shoot anyone? You'll look effortlessly cool like this couple, and save on your makeup and hair expense - which is a total win in our books! 

PHOTO: Alex Goh Photography 

Who says shorts can't be stylish? We think this couple definitely pulled it off with a few well-chosen accessories and some natural swagger. 

This article was first published in Her World Online .