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15 super hunky and sexy men you won't believe are actually above 50

15 super hunky and sexy men you won't believe are actually above 50
PHOTO: Instagram/Tony Leung, Instagram/007

Some men are like wine – they simply get better with age. There's just something about a mature, attractive older man that makes us feel hot under the collar no matter how old they are. Best of all, you can start following many of these 'DILFs' on Instagram right now. 

Tony Leung, 59


We all know Tony Leung. Most of us grew up with him, and if not, then his appearance on Marvel's Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings has definitely put him on everyone's radar once more. At 59 years old (60 this year), Leung aged the way most of us wish we would.

With forearms and shoulders to die for, it's no wonder many are overlooking Shang-Chi for his villainous father. His Instagram is also filled with many magazine-cover shots of him, so there's no lack of eye candy from this 59-year-old actor.

Daniel Craig, 53


It is crazy to think that Daniel Craig played James Bond up till his 50s, but here we are! We are all no strangers to his physique, what with the number of steamy scenes he has delivered over the years. The best part? His trainer has revealed that his body was built to ensure he could be mobile for his scenes and not just for aesthetic purposes.

Now that's what we call an ideal body.

Lee Jung-Jae, 49


Lee Jung-Jae entered our lives like a wrecking ball in 2021 with Squid Game, but that's not all that he is known for. Labelled as one of the most successful actors in South Korea, the to-be 50-year-old (in December 2022) was also a former actor. Don't be fooled by his character in the Netflix hit-show though – Lee Jung-Jae is widely known for his topless photographs where he sports chiselled muscles and a toned chest.

He definitely took his transformation for Squid Game seriously, that's all we can say!

Edmund Chen, 60


Edmund Chen is a household name in our little country, and the local celeb took the pandemic as an opportunity to get fit and bulk up. After taking a break from showbiz, the well-loved actor is back on screens once more in a once-in-a-lifetime chance to act with his whole family.

We are looking forward to having him in the spotlight once more, and hopefully, he keeps the topless photos coming because we are enjoying the view.

Lee Byung-Hun, 51


From the same show as Lee Jung-Jae is Lee Byung-Hun who plays The Front Man. In his younger days, he was well-known for his chocolate abs, but his build is not too shabby at 51. His Instagram boasts many selfies, but it's the full-body pictures that really shows how well he fills up his shirts and arm sleeves.

Just a side note: he favours pants that end right above the ankle and that rises up when he sits. And, well, we are all for a peek at those ankles.

Nathan Fillion, 50


Remember The Detachable Kid from Suicide Squad? It's played by Nathan Fillion, who is also currently starring in The Rookie. Due to the active nature of his works, it's no wonder the 50-year-old boasts killer biceps and a fine body shape.

Judging from this photo, he knows he looks good.

Hugh Jackman, 53


When Hugh Jackman was playing Wolverine, he had the best body by miles. Now, many years later, we say that he still has it. Just look at him flexing while getting his booster shot; it has to be unfair to look so good while getting jabbed!

However, with how he is getting ready to hit Broadway in February, he definitely can't be slacking off if he wants to debut those dance moves and that voice on the big stage. All we know is that we can't wait to see him in action!

Daniel Dae Kim, 53


Standing at 1.75 metres tall and with broad shoulders to boot, Daniel Dae Kim is not someone you'd miss. The 53-year-old has three decades' worth of acting experience under his belt so he may not be a new face to some of us. Even through his shirt, it's easy to see that he has a well-built body and a muscular chest.

With his distinct features and undeniably sharp jawline, he is on our list to look out for any time, anywhere.

ChuanDo Tan, 55


This man blew up two years back, and it's not hard to see why! ChuanDo is a fine specimen for his age and we still can't believe he's 55 years old. In fact, if you do a quick search of his name, one of the questions under "People also ask" happens to be 'Is Chuando Tan really 55?'.

The hottie is a photographer from Singapore, and one half of photography duo ChuanDo&Frey. Better known as CD to his friends and within fashion circles, he is guaranteed to make your boyfriend or husband extremely jealous. He is also the founder of Ave Management, a modelling agency, so he definitely knows a thing or two about looking his best.

His Instagram is also full of drool-worthy pictures showing his sculpted chest and very prominent muscles. Eye candy status: confirmed.

Aiden Brady, 55


This British fox is giving us grey hair envy with his flowing silver locks. Aiden Brady is a modelling industry veteran having lent his good looks to fashion shows, glossy magazines and more with his majestic beard.

He is no stranger to showing off his physique, and we can only hope that he continues to model for many years to come.

Anthony Varrecchia, 53


Through his work as a model, this rugged, scruffy New Yorker proves that beauty has no age limit. His followers on Instagram agree, as he has amassed more than 190,000 pairs of eyes that swoon over every pic he posts. From gym selfies to cups of coffee in bed, they can't get enough of Anthony Varrecchia, and neither can we.

Philippe Dumas, 66


Philippe Dumas, who lives in Paris, made a last-ditch attempt to achieve his dream of modelling through Reddit of all places. In late 2015, he uploaded a bunch of photos to the social news website, asking Reddit if he had what it takes to become a model. Thankfully, the Redditors all agreed that he did, and he started modelling for designer ad campaigns just six months later!

Now, he continues to live his dream and show us that even unruly silver beards can look good on the right person.

Nick Wooster, 61


Notoriously street-style snapped and regularly seen sporting edgy sunglasses, tailored clothing, some enviable pairs of shoes and his signature quiff haircut and perfectly-groomed beard, Nick Wooster oozes all things fashionable. He's social media savvy too with close to 900,000 followers on Instagram.

Despite his age, he is a model of modern times. He goes against stereotypes and has posted pictures of himself in skirts during Men's fashion week. A hunky man who isn't afraid to dress however he likes? That's a yes from us!

Ron Jack Foley, in his 50s

Ron Jack Foley is another male model who has truly magnificent facial hair. As if that wasn't enough, he's also blessed with beautiful eyes and perfect bone structure. His age isn't anywhere to be found on the internet but nobody really cares. All we know is that he's rocking that hair flip better than any of us (or our partners) can.

Wang Deshun, 85

Dubbed "China's hottest grandpa" by netizens, 85-year-old Wang Deshun became a worldwide sensation when he was seen on the runway at Beijing's 798 Art Zone during fashion week in 2016. But Mr Wang is no stranger to modelling, having taught catwalking some 30 years ago in one of the first modelling schools in China.

While he is getting on in years, it definitely doesn't show on him. He walks the runway like a man in his youth and the confidence is so attractive on him.

Gianluca Viachhi, 54


The impeccably toned Italian is a businessman and not only is he macho and mature, but he's also a millionaire. He's quite the playboy though so it's best to just look and not touch.

This article was first published in The Singapore Women's Weekly.

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