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2 hints that confirm that your partner is 'quiet quitting' the romance

2 hints that confirm that your partner is 'quiet quitting' the romance
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Many people from different parts of the world are starting to apply quiet quitting to romance. Are you wondering if your partner is starting to do the same? Two warning signs can confirm if your partner is quiet quitting your romantic relationship.

In 2022, many people started using the term quiet quitting. It generally refers to workers who only do tasks within their job description instead of going the extra mile.

In short, employees only aim to accomplish required job duties and refuse to go above and beyond for their work. Working individuals that avoid taking additional duties or working overtime fall under quiet quitting.

Unfortunately, quiet quitting is not just limited to the office or work; it could also happen at home or in a relationship. In the context of a relationship, quiet quitting can mean a relationship fading out.

It refers to people who do not want to have a break-up conversation. Instead, they go through the motions without real motivation to make the relationship last.

2 hints that confirm your partner is quiet quitting

People who are quiet quitting romance prefer to express things through their behaviours that they cannot with their words. Most try to get out of the relationship but do not know how.

One reason could probably be the fear of hurting their partner. Aside from that, they no longer want to stay and deal with the discomfort of being the person who calls it quits.

As mentioned, people who practise quiet quitting in the relationship barely express their feelings through words. Even though they cannot tell you through words, they can still express it with actions and behaviours.

Here are the two significant signs that can confirm that your partner is quiet quitting the romance in your relationship:

Your partner won't own up to their anger

There are more instances when your partner tends to act out of character than have direct conversations with you.


Many reasons could trigger them to walk away and quit the relationship they have with you. It could be your inability to meet all the needs that will satisfy them.

After that, your partner has the tendency to start making you feel like your existence no longer matters to them. They begin to take the aggression out on the relationship instead of finding ways to work things out.

Additionally, you would also start noticing that they might stop doing the things they previously enjoyed doing, especially the things they used to like doing with and for you.

How your partner acts could be dismissive, while feeling bad about being unable to meet their own needs.

Your partner no longer speaks up for their needs

Telling your partner what you need emotionally or physically may result in conflict. However, people in a relationship still do it as it also simply means that they still care.

You will easily notice if your partner might be disengaging in your relationship if you see that they are starting to lose interest. Your partner may seem to have no interest in communicating what they are feeling towards you.

It is not hard to pinpoint the things they no longer do to you, with you, and for you. Not expressing the things they usually do may result in lesser conflict, but it could definitely indicate a lack of interest.

3 things that you must do if you have a quiet quitting partner

Is the state of your relationship much clearer for you now? Were you able to confirm if your partner is quiet quitting?

Here are the three simple things you can do:

Initiate an open and honest conversation with your partner

Both of you must be able to start an open and honest conversation with your partner regarding the actual state of your relationship. Ensure that both of you focus on the relationship and not on each other.

Balance the emotional load

Avoid making only one person carry all the emotional load, feelings of anger, resentment, and disrespect. If you notice that you have this kind of relationship, it could be too toxic to continue.

Be upfront regardless of what the outcome will be

Avoid doing things that you do not want your partner to do to you. Step up and be honest about your genuine intention to avoid hurting another.

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This article was first published in theAsianparent.

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