$2 store no more: Daiso confirms it will start charging GST from May 1

PHOTO: Facebook/Dipu SD

Unfortunately, your online goods aren't the only things that will be taxed soon.

Japanese lifestyle chain Daiso will be charging goods and services tax (GST) for its products from May 1, a spokesperson told AsiaOne today (April 14).

For the uninitiated, Daiso sells all their items at a flat rate of $2. They also have a concept store called Threeppy, which sells more premium products at higher prices. 

"We always strive to keep prices as affordable as possible. To continue improving the quality of our products, there will be a price change," read a notice posted at one Daiso outlet

PHOTO: Facebook/Screengrab/Ava P Burgh 

Prices will follow what is implemented by the government, the spokesperson added. 

Last year, it was announced that the GST rate will be increased from 7 to 9 per cent in two stages — one percentage point each time on Jan 1, 2023, and Jan 1, 2024.