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23 convenient condos with a fully-sheltered walk to the MRT station

23 convenient condos with a fully-sheltered walk to the MRT station
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We've all been there: unexpected rain showers making your walk to the MRT a tad bit more challenging or the scorching Singapore sun making every step feel like a marathon. While an umbrella might offer some solace, nothing beats the comfort of a sheltered pathway.

This is especially true if you're accompanying elderly family members, guiding young children, or simply heading to an important work meeting where appearance matters.

Now, integrated developments would be the dream for a seamless, comfortable commute, but they might be out of reach for some budgets. So, for those of you who want to save a bit without compromising on convenience, here's a list of condos offering completely sheltered walks to the MRT station. And just to clarify, integrated developments haven't been included in this list — these are your best alternatives!

Note: There's no quick filter to search for these, so we've built the list manually; some may have been missed out for now (we'll update as we find them).

Also, while these condos are all connected via sheltered walkways, some may not have a sheltered walkway inside the development itself — so it's not completely rain/sunproof. If you know of a condo that has a fully sheltered walk, and isn't on the list, do let us know about it and we'll add it in!

Condos with fully sheltered walks to the MRT

Project Nearest MRT Year Built Tenure Area
Queens 190 metres to Queenstown MRT 2002 99 yrs from 16/02/1998 Queenstown
Lakefront Residences 250 metres to Lakeside MRT 2014 99 yrs from 03/08/2010 Jurong West
Caspian 350 metres to Lakeside MRT 2012 99 yrs from 17/03/2008 Jurong West
Lakeholmz 570 metres to Lakeside MRT 2005 99 yrs from 29/10/2001 Jurong West
Lakepoint Condo 620 metres to Lakeside MRT 1983 99 yrs from 01/10/1983 Jurong West
Parc Oasis 240 metres to Chinese Garden MRT 1994 99 yrs from 01/12/1991 Jurong East
Sun Plaza 110 metres to Sembawang MRT 2000 99 yrs from 26/06/1996 Sembawang
The Brownstone 220 metres to Canberra MRT 2017 99 yrs from 28/04/2014 Sembawang
Yishun Sapphire 400 metres to Canberra MRT 2001 99 yrs from 16/02/1998 Yishun
Yishun Emerald 560 metres to Canberra MRT 2002 99 yrs from 16/02/1998 Yishun
Eight Courtyards 620 metres to Canberra MRT 2014 99 yrs from 20/09/2010 Yishun
Bishan 8 240 metres to Bishan MRT 2000 99 yrs from 09/10/1996 Bishan
One Pearl Bank 250 metres to Outram Park MRT TOP 2024 99 yrs from 01/03/2019 Outram
TRE Residences 230 metres to Aljunied MRT 2018 99 yrs from 23/04/2014 Geylang
Modena 180 metres to Simei MRT 2001 99 yrs from 06/12/1997 Tampines
My Manhattan 210 metres to Simei MRT 2014 99 yrs from 11/08/2010 Tampines
Tropical Spring 320 metres to Simei MRT 2002 99 yrs from 06/12/1997 Tampines
Double Bay Residences 450 metres to Simei MRT 2012 99 yrs from 07/04/2008 Tampines
Simei Green 380 metres to Upper Changi MRT 1999 99 yrs from 14/11/1996 Tampines
Changi Court 240 metres to Upper Changi MRT 1997 Freehold Tampines
Tropicana Condo Right next to Upper Changi MRT 1994 999 yrs from 06/07/1885 Tampines
La Fiesta 300 metres to Sengkang MRT 2016 99 yrs from 03/09/2012 Sengkang
The Calrose 330 metres to Lentor MRT 2007 Freehold Ang Mo Kio

1. Queens 

Location: 10 Stirling Road (District 3)

Developer: Queenstown Peak Pte. Ltd.

Lease: 99-years

TOP: 2002

Number of units: 722

With a lease dating back to 1998, Queens Condo is getting along in years; but it's still in one of the most convenient locations. Besides being right next to Queenstown MRT (EWL), this project is within eight minutes of the Mei Ling HDB enclave.

This means good access to heartland amenities, including the Mei Ling Market & Food Centre. As most of the condos around the MRT station is still relatively new, this represents the most affordable (in terms of psf) entry price if you want to stay close to Queenstown MRT).

(Mei Ling is one of the most developed HDB areas by the way, and a constant source of million-dollar flats.) 

For more retail options, Anchorpoint Mall is about a nine-minute walk. This isn't the biggest mall, but it has all the essentials (a Cold Storage, a Watsons, a Koufu food court, and others.) IKEA Alexandra is also walkable from this project, as it is just across Anchorpoint. You also have Alexandra Central Mall here, but besides some food outlets on the ground floor, it's not much to speak of.

While the location is good though, we have seen reviews — as well as received some direct feedback — that there are too few lifts given the number of residents. One review noted there were three lifts for 40 floors, with eight units in each. One former tenant there also told us the waiting times for the lift can be long, as there always seemed to be people moving in or out.

2. Bishan 8

Location: 61 Bishan Street 21 (District 20)

Developer: Far East Organization

Lease: 99-years

TOP: 2000

Number of units: 200

In our opinion, the facade looks a little dated, even for a condo built in the 2000s (it looks more like an '80s project) — but that's a matter of opinion. Bishan 8 more or less sells itself, on the strength of its location. 

This project is a six-minute walk to Bishan MRT (CCL, NSL). The train station is next to Junction 8, one of the larger heartland malls. From the MRT station all the way to Bishan Street 13, the entire area is packed with eateries, shops, convenience stores, bank branches, etc. 

Besides this, another major highlight is the proximity to brand-name schools. The venerable Raffles Institution is also just across the road, while Catholic High and SJI are also within the enrolment priority range. We do see some parents buying here for the school access alone, so resale prospects are good.

This level of centrality is a double-edged sword though. Bishan 8 is in one of the neighbourhood's noisier and more congested areas, and that can't be helped as it's so near the hub.

3. One Pearl Bank

Location: 1 Pearl Bank (District 3)

Developer: CapitaLand

Lease: 99-years

TOP: 2023

Number of units: 774

One Pearl Bank is an architectural icon, but that also makes it a touchy subject for some. There are still Singaporeans who resent the idea of tearing down the iconic Pearl Bank Apartments, and replacing it with this high-end condo (many of the original residents likely couldn't afford this redevelopment, with prices at around $2,353 psf during the 2019 launch).

At the very least though, the developer retained the famed rounded shape.

One Pearl Bank will never be the cheapest condo on any list, but you do get what you pay for. Outram Park MRT (around a three-minute walk) provides sheltered access to three different train lines: the EWL, NEL, and TEL. One stop away is Chinatown station, where you also have access to the DTL. This is, overall, one of the most accessible condos in District 3.

Being one train stop from Chinatown also means access to People's Park Complex, Chinatown Point, and the famous foodie stretch along Upper Cross Street. And given the proximity to town itself, One Pearl Bank can also appeal to both tenants as well as homeowners. 

4. TRE Residences

Location: 7 Geylang East Ave. 1 (District 14)

Developer: SL-GV-MCC Pte. Ltd.

Lease: 99-years

TOP: 2018

Number of units: 250

Properties in both Aljunied and Eunos have benefitted from Paya Lebar Quarter (PLQ). With the new commercial hub up and running, home buyers have figured out that being one stop from Paya Lebar is a good deal: you'll be close enough to attract tenants or benefit from the amenities, but far enough that prices could be lower. 

TRE Residences is in a super-convenient spot, between the well-developed area of Geylang, and the hub of Paya Lebar. The project is just across from Aljunied MRT (EWL), and just a few minutes from Sims Avenue / Geylang proper. This is a foodie stretch, with many eateries that are open 24/7. There are also plenty of small grocers and convenience stores, enough that most daily needs can be met. 

At the same time, being one stop from Paya Lebar means the congregation of malls at PLQ (the SingPost Mall, Paya Lebar Square, etc) are within easy reach, as is access to the CCL train line.

That said, TRE Residences units are on the smaller side: some three-bedders are just around 861 sq ft, which some families might consider tight (families might prefer the four-bedders here, which can match four-room flats at around 947 sq ft) This being a small (250 unit) condo, facilities also tend to be a bit basic — there's nothing wrong with the site layout, but there's only so much a developer can do with a land area of 67,000+ sq ft. 

And while the area surrounding TRE Residences is not as crowded as the heart of Geylang or Paya Lebar, this is still a predominantly urban area. There isn't much in the way of greenery here.

5. Lakefront Residences

Location: 48 Lakeside Drive (District 22)

Developer: Keppel Land

Lease: 99-years

TOP: 2014

Number of units: 629

If you feel you missed the boat with Jurong East, Lakefront Residences might be a good alternative. You'll only be two train stops away, and you'll have a much nicer view. As the name implies, this condo overlooks the lake area, so you have a waterfront view with a lot of greenery.

These parks near here, like the Chinese Garden, are among the most photographed in Singapore. Note that if you do want a condo with sheltered walks to the MRT, there's several in the vicinity, with Caspian, Lakeholmz, and Lakepoint Condo all offering the same convenience (of course, with differing walking distances).

For cyclists, note that if you travel along Yuan Ching Road, it only takes about five minutes to get to the entrance of the lake gardens.

There isn't much in the immediate vicinity for retail, but Lakeside MRT (EWL) is literally at your doorstep. From here, you can access the slew of malls that have appeared in Jurong East, from IMM to JEM. All in all, this is a quiet enclave, and good for cyclists, nature lovers, and more outdoors-types. 

The closest would be Jurong Point, which is just one stop away at Boon Lay MRT (EWL). This is where you'll find almost everything you need, with a large Fairprice Xtra, a Don Don Donki, a Japanese food section, and many other food and shopping options.

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