24-year-old gal pals open lok lok stall at Tai Seng because they miss JB

24-year-old gal pals open lok lok stall at Tai Seng because they miss JB
PHOTO: Instagram/feizhuloklok, Instagram/phyllisjayy

Miss Johor Bahru and all those late-night supper runs? Instead of waiting around for travel restrictions to be lifted, these childhood friends went the extra mile to recreate the street food experience in Singapore.

Phyllis Seah and Goh Jueying, both 24, were inspired to start their lok lok business while they were reminiscing about the times when it was possible to travel to JB to enjoy the popular skewer snack, they told 8Days.

Located at in an industrial estate in Tai Seng, their kopitiam stall Fei Zhu Lok Lok, which translates to Fat Pig Lok Lok, sells lok lok from $1 a stick.


The stall, which opened on Feb 15, serves over 30 varieties of skewers, such as chicken skin ($1) and tempura prawn ($2). You can opt to have the skewers deep-fried or boiled in a broth.


Besides skewers, there are also a variety of homemade sauces, including peanut satay sauce, Thai sweet chilli and belacan.


Diners can also opt to pair their skewers with Fei Zhu Lok Lok's recently launched Shiok Rice, which is great for those who can't live without their carbs.

Apart from dining in, you can also opt to have the lok lok delivered to your house with curated sets catered for six to 12 pax — a great option for large families who hate being split up when dining out.


While the pair also run their own Instagram-based stores, they "knew nothing about starting a business", Seah told the online magazine.

Fortunately, they managed to get a good rental rate as her father knew the owner of the kopitiam, she revealed.

Handling the food also proved to be another challenge, especially since they rarely cook.

Seah explained, "Initially, we thought food [preparation] would be easy because we don't have to cook or marinate the raw ingredients beforehand. But we have so many things to skewer and, even then, that takes skill. We keep poking ourselves in the fingers."

But the pair does receive help to lessen their load. Seah's boyfriend, Rao Zijie — who some of you may recognise from Campus Superstar and Night Owl Cinematics — helps out by managing their social media platforms, which has actually boosted their number of walk-in customers.

Address: 1010 Tai Seng Avenue, Singapore 534417

Opening Hours: Weekdays 11.30am to 10.30pm, Saturdays 5pm to 10.30pm


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