3 confinement food delivery caterers that are great for even the fussiest eaters

3 confinement food delivery caterers that are great for even the fussiest eaters

As a new mum, taking care of your little one becomes your first priority after giving birth. But of course, that doesn't mean you have to compromise on your recuperation. 

Confinement meals are one of the most important after childbirth — get the right nourishment and you'll definitely be on the right path towards recovery. 

Here are three of our top picks for confinement caterers; pick one and that's one less thing to worry about during your confinement. 

1. Happy MamaPapa Catering 

Happy MamaPapa Catering provides tasty yet nutritious dishes, which are prepared with less salt, less oil and no added MSG — making them a good option for new mums in confinement. 

Some of their specialties include their double-boiled soups, a method which uses a submerged ceramic pot within an outer pot of boiling water for maximum extraction of flavours. 

Afraid of just eating white or brown rice for the next month? Fear not, Happy MamaPapa Catering also offers Specialty Rice, with delectable flavours such as olive, lemongrass, long bean and garlic, so you'll have plenty of variations to choose from. 


Happy MamaPapa Catering has packages for 10, 20 or 30 days, for up to 5 pax. Prices start from $145. Prefer not to commit? There's also a 7-day trial package starting from $82. 

Order from Happy MamaPapa Catering here

2. Tian Wei Signature 

For mums who want a slight variation from Chinese-style meals, check out Tian Wei Signatures for their fusion meals, with over 90 varieties of vegetable and meat dishes. 

Packed with nutrients, their offerings include Braised Pig Trotters in Black Vinegar, Tri-Coloured Grains and Cauliflower Cream with Seared Salmon. 

What's more, they also accept special dietary requests! 

Packages for lunch and dinner start from $478 for seven days, and $1,688 for 28 days. 

Order from Tian Wei Signature here

3. Minah's Foodworks (Sizzling Dyyana) 

If you require halal food options, we've got you covered too.

Minah's Foodworks is well-known for its range of halal Western and Asian cuisines that are guaranteed to satisfy your post-natal cravings. 

The meals also come with a freshness guarantee — Dyyna Awang buys her produce fresh from the market each morning, and delivers the meals in microwave-friendly containers. 

Each meal consists of vegetables, one fish/meat dish, a white/red/brown/black rice mixture, a healthy drink, and a delicious, wholesome sweet treat. 

Minah's Foodworks' package costs $450 for 10 days, and $1,300 for 30 days. 

Visit the Minah's Foodworks' Facebook page to order. 

This article is brought to you by Happy MamaPapa Catering.

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