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3 cool coffee machines that look as good as they brew

3 cool coffee machines that look as good as they brew
Super Veloce's luxe creations include the Aviatore Veloce, a quarter-scale version of a Rolls Royce turbojet engine – that also makes coffee and tea.
PHOTO: Super Veloce/Instagram

It’s extremely difficult – nay, impossible – to start the morning without a piping hot cup of joe. Some are content with popping down to their favourite neighbourhood joint for a cuppa, or getting it out of a handy pod.

But the coffee geeks among us aren’t satisfied until they’ve poured out a precisely-measured, precisely-heated dose of water through freshly-ground beans. For those who like to get their hands dirty, but also want something a little prettier than the latest and greatest stainless steel Breville, this quirky selection of coffee machines will jazz up your morning routine.

The Flair 58 by Flair Espresso

Unlike regular machines, which churn out your morning brew behind the scenes, the Flair 58 (created by US-based Intact Idea) demands, well, a bit of flair.

It’s a lever-operated espresso maker that requires some elbow grease from its operator to get the requisite pressure for a perfect cuppa.

Don’t worry, it comes with all the modern doodads you expect: a pressure gauge to take the guesswork out of the press, a pre-heated brewing chamber to ensure that the hot water you pour in stays at just the right temperature, and an industry-standard 58mm portafilter, compatible with most other tamping and distribution tools in your brewing arsenal.

Decked out in die-cast aluminium with a black anodised finish, complete with wooden detailing on the lever and basket handle, this retro aesthetic will both look and work well, even after a decade.

Available from Drinkspeople Asia (stocks arriving in May/June).

The Osma Pro by Osma

Ask any cold brew aficionado, and they’ll tell you that steeping coffee grounds for upwards of 12 hours teases out the java’s aroma and subtle flavours, without any of the usual acidity or bitterness.

But not everyone wants to plan their coffee a day in advance, which is where the Osma Pro comes in. Designed by a US-based startup, it’s essentially the cold-pressed juicer of the coffee world.

How does it do it? Acoustic cavitation – in plain English, that means using on-off bouts of high water pressure to extract coffee, without any of the nasties. Oh, and it takes all of two minutes per cuppa.

Available from Osma.

The Aviatore Veloce by Super Veloce

More collector’s piece than coffee machine, the Aviator Veloce is a java maker made to resemble an actual jet turbine, forged from aviation-grade aluminium alloy and stainless steel.

Yes, its blades even turn at a nice, steady pace of 38rpm while the device is switched on. Perfectly safe and just the thing for a bit of coffee-making theatre. According to the South African company’s website, only 100 examples of this have been made. 

Available from Super Veloce.

This article was first published in The Peak.

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