3 face yoga exercises to look younger instantly

PHOTO: Glow Festival SG

You probably know about the great mind and body benefits of yoga, but have you heard of face yoga?

Popularised by Japan-based Fumiko Takatsu who created the Face Yoga Method, face yoga is now practised worldwide, by anyone looking for more youthful, radiant and lifted skin, or just a quick dose of self-care.

Done properly and regularly, face yoga can even help you achieve balance in your facial features. (Interesting fact: Fumiko founded the Face Yoga Method after a car accident resulted in her having an asymmetrical face. She credits face yoga for improving her facial tone and alignment.)

Closer to home, face yoga seems to be gaining traction. Seeing the positive effects face yoga had on her mum, social media content creator Christabel Chua (@bellywellyjelly) got inspired to learn more and become a certified Face Yoga instructor.

“My mum had a slight twitching in her face that she couldn’t fix with medication, so she tried face yoga. After three years, the twitching in her face stopped and she’s now off medication!” Christabel shares.

1. Face yoga is for anyone

PHOTO: Glow Festival SG

At a recent mini-event Glow On, which took place at Capella Singapore, Christabel led participants through a 30-minute face yoga session to de-stress and release tension in the facial muscles.

2. The benefits will vary

PHOTO: Glow Festival SG

While the benefits of face yoga vary from person to person, one thing’s for sure: you will feel and (very likely) look younger after practising it.

Christabel acknowledges: “For younger people, it’s probably more about maintenance and you’ll likely not see any immediate effects. For me, I feel more relaxed and this helps me be more mindful about how I emote day to day.”

3. Try these simple face yoga exercises

PHOTO: Glow Festival SG

Of course, the beauty of face yoga is that you can do it anywhere sans mat and yoga attire (though you’re welcome to get all set up if you prefer) – in front of your laptop for a quick work break, during an online work meeting that gets you stressed/annoyed/frustrated (just make sure that your camera is turned off!), or in the toilet if you are really strapped for time.

Here, Christabel shares her favourite face yoga moves that are super easy to practise, no matter where you are.

“Before you start, remember to make sure your hands are sanitised, your face is properly moisturised, and not to over-stretch your face. More is not always better!” says Christabel.

Face yoga exercise 1: WOW

“The WOW is a really good way to warm up your face and helps to loosen your facial muscles. It’s really easy. All you have to do is repeat the word WOW in a slow and exaggerated manner 10 times in a row!”

Face yoga exercise 2: BUMBLE BEE

“Pucker your lips slightly and vibrate them while making a humming sound. You can hum to your favourite song if you like! This helps to plump lips and brings colour to your lips.”

Face yoga exercise 3: SWAN NECK

“This helps to stretch your neck and work your neck muscles to reduce double chin and the sagging skin at your neck area. Turn your head in a 45-degree angle to the upper right and pucker your lips to the right.

Feel the stretch on the left front of your neck and hold it for 5 seconds. Do it on the other side as well and repeat it for 2 or 3 times a day. Remember not to push too hard, and always breathe!”

For more of Christabel’s face yoga journey, follow @faceyogahome on Instagram.

This article was first published in Her World Online.