3 must-have fitness passes in Singapore: GuavaPass, KFit, ActivPass

The entrance of these new fitness pass apps has sent the conventional gym monthly membership models down the drain. You now don't have to bore yourself with the monotony of the treadmill, limit yourself to free weights or occasional classes at your go-to gym.

The idea of multi-activity membership first started out and proliferated in New York City, where ClassPass offered a new wave of fitness passes, which allowed users to gain access to a myriad of fitness options in their area for a fixed price each month. Fitness enthusiasts or not, members get a chance to try out a whole host of classes ranging from spinning, yoga to barre method.

These fitness pass packages are now taking the global gym industry by storm, and the fad has since caught on in Singapore. These flexible monthly memberships are definitely for those that are looking for variety, or even those who are afraid of the commitment to another long-term relationship with your regular gym-membership - that also costs a an arm and a leg.

Here are new exciting options from these fitness start-ups in Singapore.


Singapore start-up Guavapass has been the fastest growing fitness platform in Asia and Middle East since its launch in 2015. Aiming to provide accessible classes at quality boutique fitness studios across Asia, Guavapass offers a monthly membership that gives access to search, book and enjoy unlimited classes in top studios and enjoy healthy living perks across Asia at S$169 per month. It seeks to not only introduce exciting fitness programmes but also boost your healthy holistic lifestyle with food, spa, massage and other partnerships. Guavapass also fits the frequent flyer profile as it allows its members to book any of its 50000 classes at over 900 boutiques across any of its partner cities that include Bangkok, Hong Kong, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Shanghai, Beijing, Manila, Jakarta, Seoul, and of course, Singapore. With this accessible fitness platform, you can no longer blame travel for your lack of exercise.


In the same vein, KFit is a Malaysian start-up that offers a monthly membership for a fitness pass that similarly grants users access to the best studios, gyms spas and salons in their city at an affordable price. Memberships are a steal at S$129 a month with a large partner network and classes available in Singapore, effectively leaving members spoiled for choice. Besides the unique classes that include Archery, Capoeira and Wing Chun, KFit also provides you access to several hotel gyms and swimming pools.


A slightly different take to the fitness passes mentioned above, Activpass prides themselves in their app, which itself functions as a pass promising access to all your lifestyle needs, from fitness, wellness to beauty. Instead of committing to a monthly subscription at a fixed price, users are able to discover a myriad of activities in-app and can even apply for classes and wellness treatments at up to 90 per cent discounts up to 72 hours in advance with bookings guaranteed. Seemingly, this no-contract-no-membership app allows you to forgo the committal relationship to a fitness regime. We see the app as a dependable insider that provides you with the best offers at exclusive prices.

This article was first published in BLLNR.