3-year-old girl takes TikTok by storm after her baking video goes viral

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For all the foodies out there, social media is alive with lots of baking recipes, tips, tricks, and more. The images look yummy and you can nearly smell that baked goodness through your screen.

In fact, the circuit breaker in 2020 and the following restrictions have helped a lot of us improve our baking skills. And celebrities have made sure we know of this with all their lovely posts. 

While it's exciting to see our favourite stars whip up some amazing muffins, cakes, and more, there are those who've turned stars online with their exceptional baking skills.

And the latest to join this bandwagon is three-year-old Ellis. The young toddler may be pint-sized but she routinely shows off her beautiful creations on her mother's TikTok account @thecakinggirl.

The talented young girl's mum is also a super baker. Her account describes her as a "Cake Artist & Mommy".  Since the first video of little Ellis baking went online, her account has garnered over 91,000 followers and over 4.1 million likes. 

The little one's impressive baking skills are proof that she is surely following her mum's footsteps

Three-year-old toddler baker on TikTok is impressing all with her skills 

One of Ellis' first baking videos went viral on TikTok earlier this year. It shows Ellis helping her mum to bake and decorate cakes when the girl was barely one year old.

The video then shifts to the present, when Ellis is now three years old and is preparing a cake for her dad's birthday.


Such an adorable gift from the daughter!

The video captures everything, from Ellis shaping the dough to glazing the cake's top with chocolate. 

And did we tell you the toddler is a master when it comes to using cookie cutters? She beautifully cuts out pink hearts and bears using these and places them neatly on the cake. The short video ends with her presenting this beautiful art to her father, who blows out the single candle.

The proud mum captioned the video "Level up". So far, this particular clip has amassed around 1.2 million likes and four million views.

The little baker impressed viewers online and the proof was in the comments section. Many said that despite being so young, she could bake much better than them.

In one of her recent videos which caught the attention of the netizens, the little one can be seen making edible flowers with gum paste.


You can use these on cakes and cupcakes. The video shows the young lady assembling the flowers by hand and then painting them with her little paintbrush. Adorable!

A two-year-old's cooking show has also became a sensational hit online

Ellis isn't the only toddler to go viral for her skills in the kitchen amidst the pandemic. A talented two-year-old Elvi became an internet sensation after hosting her own show, Evie’s Quarantine Cooking on her mum's Facebook page.

In no time, the little chef broke the internet as people loved her cute content. Most of the videos show the little baker mixing, measuring, stirring, and pouring to her heart's content while she creates beautiful pieces. 

The little girl steals the spotlight with her bubbly persona as she says "Welcome to my show," which she announces at the beginning of every video.

You can catch a fresh episode every Wednesday.

3 tips to encourage your toddler to follow their interest

Clearly, the two girls know how to bake cakes and overcome stage fright without breaking sweat. They also highlight the importance of cultivating your toddler's interest in an age-appropriate and safe manner.

Here are some quick tips to encourage your toddler to follow their interest:

Always encourage curiosity

PHOTO: Pexels

A child has too many questions and sometimes finding an answer to all of them can be quite overwhelming. Never try to make fun of their questions or brush it under the carpet.

The best way to approach this is by exploring answers together. Try to support your child in finding the answers themselves or with you. 

Listen to your child

Don't try to make these activities about you and force them into doing something they are not keen on. Give them their time.

Allowing your child to go through the process will help you gauge their interest. Be observant, notice the activities they enjoy.

Enjoy and have fun

Remember, you are spending time with your child. It doesn't matter then if your child finds the spark or not. Make sure to enjoy and have fun in the entire process. 

Don't be harsh on your child or push them to find out what they like. Instead, let them discover their interests on their own. 

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This article was first published in theAsianparent.