Popular Changi Village goreng pisang stall boss, 49, dies in his sleep

PHOTO: Facebook/James Chan

The boss of popular goreng pisang (fried banana fritter) stall Million Star Fried Banana has died, prompting an outpouring of grief from local foodies. 

James Chan, 49, died in his sleep on Monday (Feb 21). The cause of death was a heart attack, Chinese news platform Shin Min Daily News reported. 

James' mother told the newspaper that her son would usually get up at 8am in the morning and open the stall at 10.30am. However, by 11am, he still had not showed up. 

Thinking that he had overslept, she went to his room to try and wake him up, but instead found that his hands were cold and stiff. 

She immediately called an ambulance, but unfortunately, the paramedics pronounced James dead at the scene. 

The news came as a shock to her as she had never heard him complain about his health before and he also would exercise regularly, she said. 

Three years ago, James inherited the stall from his parents, who had run the business together for more than 20 years. The couple had originally worried about not having a successor and were relieved when James willingly filled their shoes. 

Apart from banana fritters, Million Star Fried Banana, which is located at Changi Village Hawker Centre, sells a range of other snacks like fried tapioca, fried sweet potato and fried green bean. 

Melvin Chew, the administrator of Hawkers United - Dabao 2020, shared the sad news in the Facebook group and said that James was a regular contributor to the page. 

"RIP my dear friend. Few days ago he is still posting with his goreng pisang page. I'm so stun when I read the news [sic]," wrote Melvin. 

Melvin wasn't the only one who was mourning. Many other netizens flooded the comments section with tributes to James. Some even shared that they had visited Million Star Fried Banana just recently. 

PHOTO: Screengrab/Facebook