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5 meaningful things to do in honour of World Mental Health Day (Oct 10)

5 meaningful things to do in honour of World Mental Health Day (Oct 10)
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The past year has been challenging, what with the Covid-19 pandemic and its ripple effects from isolation (physical or otherwise) to uncertainty about the future.

But whether or not a result of the outbreak, anxiety, depression and other mental health conditions are what we need to be more comfortable acknowledging so we can be OK asking for help if we need it, and lending support if others do.

World Mental Health Day, which falls on Oct 10 every year, raises awareness about mental health problems and the need for their adequate treatment.

Here are five things you can do to honour this occasion with something meaningful.

Group Dance Movement Therapy

This monthly Group Dance Movement Therapy session by Movemental welcomes anyone seeking a space to pause, reflect, learn, nourish and heal through creative body movement.

To take place on Oct 2 and entry costs $25. Register here.

Ask The Doctor: Identifying Support For Mental Health (Webinar)

This talk a collaborative effort between TEC CommunityTM and Osler Health International will help you recognise the signs of mental health concern in those around you, what you can do to help and support, and what support looks like in Singapore.

To take place on Oct 6 for free. Register here.

Groove with Vitality (Live workshop)

Aching for more therapeutic groove sessions?

Then also sign up for these Sh'bam and Zumba workouts hosted by AIA Vitality's gym partner, Fitness First.

To take place on Oct 10 for free. Register here

Mental and Emotional Wellness (Webinar)

Learn how to safeguard your mental and emotional wellness by tuning in to this event hosted by HOPE worldwide Singapore.

To take place on Oct 10 for free. Register here

Indulge with Vitality: Healthy dessert making (Facebook Live)

This workshop by AIA Vitality will teach you how to whip up guilt-free versions of your favourite desserts with local host Rosalyn Lee and Leon Lim MasterChef SG Season 2 runner-up Leon Lim.

To take place on Oct 10 for free. Visit here for info on equipment and ingredients to prepare in advance. 

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