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5 Peranakan dishes you die-die must try

5 Peranakan dishes you die-die must try
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As a melting pot combining the best of Chinese, Malay and other influences, Peranakan cuisine is a perfect reflection of Singapore’s multicultural society.

Here are five Peranakan dishes you have to try at least once.

1. Ayam Buah Keluak

Probably one of the most well–known Peranakan dishes, this spicy chicken dish is made with “buah keluak”, a black nut from the “Kepayang” tree, which gives it a bitter and earthy flavour.

Interestingly, the nut is poisonous when uncooked and needs to be treated and fermented for at least a week to cleanse it of toxins.

2. Babi Pongteh

Babi pongteh consists of braised pork flavoured with fermented soy bean sauce and gula melaka.

Non–spicy and rich in taste, this sweet and salty dish is a tantalising delight for both kids and adults.

3. Bakwan Kepiting

Fancy a taste of seafood? Bakwan kepiting is a soup–based dish with deliciously succulent pork and crab meatballs.

Bamboo shoots are usually added to the meatballs as well to give them an extra crunch.

4. Itek Tim

A simple broth made with salted vegetables and duck, itek tim is uncomplicated but comforting.

This dish is perfect when you’re sick, or to warm you up on a cold day.

5. Kueh Pie Tee

If you’re looking for a mouth–watering snack, this dish is for you!

Kueh pie tee is a crispy pastry tart shell chock full of prawns and juicy chopped vegetables like carrots and jicama (yam bean) — sort of like popiah, only far crunchier.

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