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5 reasons why more couples are considering open relationships

5 reasons why more couples are considering open relationships
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Do you ever wonder why more couples consider transitioning their romance into open relationships? It is completely okay to wonder, because non-monogamous relationships have long been taboo. 

Though most of us value loyal partners, there are those who don't mind adding more people to their life.

To this day, most people still look down on couples who don’t mind including additional sexual partners in their relationships.

Not many people are open to the idea of being in a non-monogamous relationship. They often shun or cut off people who don’t mind having multiple partners. However, even though it is not common at the moment, there is rising interest in this matter. 

Are you also curious about what an open relationship is all about? An open relationship allows partners to have more than one romantic or sexual partner at a time. 

It is a consensual, non-monogamous relationship where both partners can engage in sex and emotional attachment with other people. In this kind of relationship set-up, both parties should agree that both are non-exclusive or non-monogamous. 

Those in committed relationships may find it hard to understand why some are open to non-monogamy. 

5 reasons why more couples consider open relationships

Looking for someone who an individual considers as 'the one' is common for many people across the globe. It is because society constantly reminds them that everyone has to look for that one person in their life that can make them feel complete.

Most of them believe in the idea that everyone has their soulmate that will be our one and only. Because of this, we often look down on people who cheat or start affairs.

However, people can never deny the fact that there is no right or wrong in love. There is no exact and specific pattern for people to find love and feel happy in a relationship. 

Every person has their ways on how to shape their relationship that can best suit them as well as their partner. Some couples may consider having an open relationship as it suits them the best. 

Here are the common reasons why some couples engage in an open relationship:

Open to experimenting

Nowadays, other kinds of relationships outside of the norm are gradually being accepted in society. These things usually start when a couple hopes to add more excitement to their romance.

An open relationship could work for you and your partner if you are willing to open yourself to experimenting. Both of you must willingly experiment with a partner of a different gender, or you have mismatched sex drives. 

Couples in non-monogamous relationships have greater variations in their sex lives. They tend to have better and more frequent sexual contact than they did when they were monogamous.

Struggle to commit to just one romantic relationship

Many people find it difficult to commit to just one romantic relationship. Some people believe that being faithful to one person for the rest of their life is unrealistic. 

Instead of experiencing temptation that could eventually lead to cheating, several people just choose to switch to an open relationship. This reasoning usually applies to couples who have never had relationships with other people.

Right amount of jealousy is not an issue

In relationship matters, the word 'jealousy' has a negative connotation. Many people view it as a bad thing in any relationship. 

However, jealousy can be a good thing at times. It can be a reminder that an individual is still attracted to their partner. Concerning this, the levels of jealousy in non-monogamous relationships are much lower than those in monogamous relationships.

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Change relationship rules anytime

People in an open relationship can build and change relationship rules anytime. The relationship is built on mutual respect between both parties. 

In a non-monogamous relationship, people should also discuss boundaries. Both parties must have a say and right to decide what to do in the relationship. 

Both persons know what they want

Open relationships help people learn how to communicate their desires to their partners. Those in a relationship must know how to open themselves, especially to their partner.

We need to remember that couples who switch to non-monogamous relationships often do so with consent. It’s not always about making an excuse because they want to start an affair.

7 types of open relationships

Do you want to know more about open relationships? Well, there are so many types that will surprise almost anyone. To make things simple, we listed seven types of common non-monogamous relationships that we think you should know about.


Most of you have probably heard of the “swinging lifestyle.” Couples interested in this practice usually partake in sex-only relationships and avoid any romantic attachments.


It is a relationship model based on the idea of having romantic love with more than one person.

Solo polyamory:

Individuals in solo polyamory do not need or want a primary partner.

Hierarchical polyamory:

Couples who are either married or in a long-term relationship, and decide to engage in an open relationship. 

Triad or throuple:

Three people are in a romantic and sexual relationship with each other. 


It is a type of open relationship when four people maintain a romantic and sexual connection, not necessarily in every configuration.


In this kind of relationship, the couple is usually monogamous. However, they make allowances for occasional extra-curricular dalliance.

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