5 things to eat & drink this week, including oysters at Greenwood Fish Market and whisky at Brotzeit

5 things to eat & drink this week, including oysters at Greenwood Fish Market and whisky at Brotzeit
PHOTO: Mad About Sucre

This week, we take you on a journey around the world, right here in Singapore.

On our regional checklist are freshly shucked oysters, au naturel ingredients and coffee flights from Asia.

Of course, there is no forgetting the refreshing booze curations to motivate us to conquer another hectic week.

The world is your oyster

Extended by popular demand, Greenwood Fish Market's 10th World Oyster Festival will run till Aug 31, 2022.

With over 22,000 oysters already sold thus far, the festival brings a record line-up of 29 oyster varieties flown in from seven countries.

Be it Canada's Chef Creek, Australia's Coffin Bay, or Japan's Kujukushima varietals. Other oyster varietals are also flown in from USA, Ireland, France, and New Zealand.

An experience for oyster lovers and newbies alike, the Oyster Tasting Platter ($109.95) is well worth the money, bringing to table eight pairs of the chef's selection.

Greenwood Fish Market's 10th World Oyster Festival event is available for dine-in, takeaways, and online orders with islandwide deliveries or pick-up at all outlets till Aug 31, 2022.

Where have you 'bean' all my life?

We're no strangers to luxurious coffee room Bacha Coffee, and its magnificent trove of over 200 Arabica coffees. Highlighting the craft of Asian-grown beans in the Flight of Asia, perk up your mornings with a lower carbon footprint.

Sip the light, citrusy and tart Guizhou Plateau Coffee from China, or the familiar, nuttier and creamier Java Blue Coffee from Indonesia.

Our favourite, though, is the strong and bitter Monsoon Secret Coffee from India, with its earthy notes, and hints of burnt toast, and lime.

Find the perfect accomplice in their croissants available in butter, blackcurrant, raspberry & cinnamon, and pistachio flavours.

Bacha Coffee has multiple outlets across Singapore.

Alice's boozy wonderland

For one night only, Seoul's trendy spot Alice Cheongdam (#40 on Asia's 50 Best Bars 2022) is hitting up our local cocktail hub. On July 27, 2022, head on out to see Head Bartender, Leo Kim and Senior Bartender, Haleem Kim take over the bar at 28 HongKong Street.

Catch the duo shaking and stirring at the waterhole, as they whip up lip-smacking cocktails inspired by Lewis Carrol's notable works including Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and its sequel Through the Looking-Glass.

No better way to embark on a journey to wonderland than with some mouth-watering cocktails.

Alice Cheongdam's guest shift runs on July 27, 2022, from 8pm-12am at 28 HongKong Street, 28 Hongkong Street, Singapore 059667.

The feeling of Gemütlichkeit

Serving half a million diners annually in Singapore, Brotzeit seems to be the country's go-to German beer bar and restaurant.

In the space that exudes 'Gemütlichkeit' (the warm, friendly, feeling when a place feels just right), you can now enjoy a new premium range of German Alpine spirits that include selected gems from the awarded Wild Distillery.

Savour the Wild 12 Pointer Blackcurrant ($158), a hit with its refined berry flavour and smoothness, whilst the Wild 12 Pointer Black Wood Peated Whisky ($188) captivates with notes of caramel and honey.

Brotzeit has various outlets across Singapore.

Summer brings au naturel ingredients

An artisanal patisserie-chocolatier turned hidden restaurant, Mad About Sucre is bringing you a bounty of dishes to evoke a European-inspired summer.


Curated with fresh, imported seasonal ingredients, the menu features sweet Tomato Stew, made using three types of tomatoes and crab meat.

The Nordic Salted Cod Katafiis also not to be missed with crispy angel hair noodles and tender cod in uni sauce. Don't leave without sampling the cake desserts, which you may not be able to distinguish from actual fruits in looks.

Hey Peachy and Spunky are each paired beautifully with hot floral tea.

Mad About Sucre's summer menu runs till mid-end September. Mad About Sucre is located at 27 Teo Hong Rd, Singapore 088334.

This article was first published in City Nomads.

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