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5 unique items found in 7-Elevens around the world

5 unique items found in 7-Elevens around the world
PHOTO: Unsplash

You might not be able to travel right now, but who said you can’t embark on a world tour anyway? Feast your eyes on some of the most unique, localised items you can find in 7-Elevens across the globe! From tasty bugs to date night SOS kits, read on to find out more.

Remember heading to the nearest 7-Eleven after school to get your hit of Mr Softee and instant mashed potatoes? You probably thought that it was the coolest store on Earth!

But of course, we would soon discover that all that was just the tip of the iceberg when it came to the world of convenience stores. And as we got older and became more well-travelled, it became even clearer that 7-Eleven does a brilliant job at localising their offerings too.

So, we explored the corners of the Internet, watched many YouTube videos, and reached out to our friends living abroad to present to you five items and services unique to the different 7-Elevens across the globe. Plus, we decided to find out just how much it is to own a 7-Eleven franchise and in which country is the most affordable, just in case you had a couple of dollars to spare.

7-Eleven USA: Got a hot date? 7-Eleven is your best wingman

Not all date nights have to happen in upscale restaurants and swanky bars, and the team behind this 7-Eleven x DoorDash collaboration called it. For just US$20 (S$26.60), the US-based delivery service will send over a specially curated “Date Night Package”,  which consists of ice cream, Red Bull, chocolates and a pack of condoms, right to your doorstep. That’s a 21st-century love affair right there.

And if you find that you need something extra for the morning after, you can opt for the “Hangover Package” — Advil, mini pizza, Gatorade and a good ol’ turkey sandwich.

North America is truly a weird and wonderful place, isn’t it?

7-Eleven Thailand: Forget about those bags of chips, try insects instead!

Every trip to the famed Thai night markets would almost always end up with you 1. Debating whether to try the variety of fried insects and 2. Eventually not trying the fried insects. Rinse and repeat.

However, take comfort in knowing that you can now purchase these crispy critters in 7-Elevens citywide! Available in a wide range of flavours and insects, these protein-packed bags go for just 15 Baht each ($0.67), making them perfect as a gag gift or for when you’ve mustered enough courage to give a cricket or two a try.

7-Eleven Australia: Head to the land down under for the only Rocky Road you need

In Australia where brunch and dessert reign supreme, we’re not too surprised by this offering. Meet Oak’s Rocky Road… milk. Yes, you read that right. Our favourite mix of chocolate, marshmallow and nutty is available in drink form, and can be found exclusively in 7-Elevens all across Australia.

If it’s up your alley, you may also be delighted to know that there are other delicious flavours like Caramel Popcorn, Choc Peanut Butter and even Spider Cola (a.k.a. ice cream soda)!

And since you’re there, don’t forget to pack a box of Krispy Kreme too, because you can’t really have too much decadence, can you?

7-Eleven Hawaii: Two words: Spam. Musubi.

Apart from its active volcanoes, big swells and rich culture, Hawaii is also known for its snacks, like the humble Spam musubi. It’s essentially a slice of perfectly marinated Spam that sits atop a firm handful of rice, before being wrapped snuggly by a nori sheet.

While you can get this pretty much anywhere in Hawaii, the ones at 7-Eleven are one of the best (trust us on this), and are cheaper than most places. With prices starting from just US$1.55, they are perfect for travellers seeking a filling yet affordable meal.

7-Eleven Hong Kong: Get your dim sum fix at any time of the day.

Yes, you can get freshly prepared dim sum and the like from 7-Eleven in Hong Kong. While it might not be the first choice since you can get better options elsewhere, when it’s 3AM and you’re just done partying, this will probably be the best option out there.

With prices starting from just HKD33 (S$5.64), you get to enjoy a drink, a side and a main. This includes classics like curry fish balls, dumplings, instant noodles, steamed rice rolls… the list goes on. Hungry yet?

Bonus round: Ever wondered how much it costs to own a 7-Eleven franchise? 

The short answer: It depends. And unsurprisingly, the cost differs from country to country. And in case you’re looking to scratch that entrepreneurial itch, we took it upon ourselves to find out what the numbers are like.

Here in Singapore, 7-Eleven does the initial heavy lifting. From buying or leasing the site, to renovations and even managing the store for the first year, the company ensures that the store is in good condition before putting it out in the franchising market.

You’re looking at a franchise fee starting from $30,000 (this depends on the store’s performance), and a working capital (i.e. the amount of money the business can spend without worrying) of $40,000.

What about in other parts of the world?

Closer to home in the Philippines, it’s not only more expensive to franchise a 7-Eleven, but it also requires more manpower to kickstart the business. While your franchising fee is fixed at Php 600,000 (S$16,413), once you factor in the initial merchandise, construction costs and advanced rent and deposit, you’re looking at anything upwards of 3.5 Million Pesos — that’s at least. Oh, did we mention this also excludes their 12 per cent VAT?

In Hong Kong where land is scarce and property prices are exorbitant, it comes as no surprise that opening a franchise can cost quite a bit. While you only have to pay for your franchise fee and a deposit on your initial inventory, it still costs anywhere between HK$480,000 to HK$780,000.

…and then there’s the United States , home of the OG 7-Eleven.

In the USA, the licensing fees alone can cost anything between US$50,000  to a whopping US$750,000. Yikes.

This is before paying about US$29,000 for miscellaneous fees and the initial cash register funds.

With all things considered, you're probably better off owning a 7-Eleven franchise in Singapore.

This article was first published in YouTrip.

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