5 unique treats to order on Instagram that are not cakes, cookies or coffee

PHOTO: Instagram/thechinesepotion, Instagram/sun_kimchisg

Picking up a new hobby or adopting a new routine was the norm during Singapore's circuit breaker, when people had to stay at home. 

Well, when some Singaporeans found that they had more time on their hands, they went to their kitchens, experimented, and launched new home-based businesses selling food instead. 

And while home bakers selling cakes, brownies and cookies are a dime a dozen on Instagram, there are also those who have cooked up other delectable dishes that they started hawking to others during CB. 

Everyday Sauces 

You can tell from their name that they sell sauces, and they started off with two: sambal sambal, a fiery sambal belacan chilli, and lemak lemak, which is sweet and sourish. The 100ml bottle goes for $4.90, whilst the 300ml bottle is $12.90.

They now also offer nasi lemak and har cheong (prawn paste) wings. Yesterday (Sept 3), they debuted a new item — gula Melaka coconut agar agar.

Pre-orders open every Thursday at 12pm, with deliveries two to three times a week. Delivery is free for orders above $150. Otherwise it's $7 and up, depending on the location. 

Love Chow

If you are looking for a seafood soup that has been boiled for 12 hours and is MSG-free, Love Chow SG delivers their soups every weekend.

Each bowl comes with a flower crab, prawns, scallops, handmade meatballs and two portions of bee hoon. The $18 bowl can be shared by two people or devoured by one very hungry person. The soup is packed separately from the ingredients in a glass bottle when delivered. 

The soup and meatballs can be purchased separately, and they've also added almond florentines to their menu.

Orders open weekly and a confirmation will be sent to you by Wednesday for the upcoming weekend deliveries. Delivery is $8 per location. 

Mama Fang

Artisanal steamed bread that is vegan-friendly and doesn't contain eggs, milk or butter. And it has the stretchy mochi-like filling that everyone is showing off on social media. 

They currently offer two flavours: matcha mochi and sweet potato. A box of three costs $12 and $10 respectively, or you can get a mixed boxed of six for $20. 

Orders must be made two days in advance. Delivery is only to the East, with charges from $5 for each order depending on location. Otherwise you'll have to opt for self-collection.

Sun Kimchi

Fans of kimchi and other Korean side dishes would be happy with Sun Kimchi's offerings, which have been adapted to Singaporean's taste buds.

Choose from dishes like spicy stir-fried fishcake, sweet and spicy anchovies, spicy pickled radish and spicy marinated cucumber, with prices starting from $9.

Contact them directly for orders. Delivery is available from $5 per location.

The Chinese Potion

Enjoy comforting Chinese sweet soups? You can now get them delivered from The Chinese Potion. 

Four options are available — snow fungus and pear, peach gum, apple and osmanthus, snow lotus seed and papaya, and tragacanth gum, dried longan and dried lily bulb — and each bowl goes for $6. 

In an interview with 8 Days, owner Apple Ng shared that her concoctions have beauty-enhancing properties and she preps the ingredients fresh daily. 

Orders must be made two calendar days in advance and a minimum of five bowls per order is required. Delivery is upwards of $7, depending on location.