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5 ways to save money when hosting a baby shower in Singapore

5 ways to save money when hosting a baby shower in Singapore

Remember how Kim Kardashian held a cute pajama party at the Beverly Hills Hotel for her second baby, Saint, in 2015?

Some celebrities are willing to go above and beyond to celebrate their child's one-month-old celebration, even if that means spending hundreds of thousands of dollars at a time.

Unfortunately for us ordinary folks, we do not have the disposable income to spend in such a carefree way.

If you are looking to host a party for your newborn, we have 5 ideas to help you save money and still have a great time with family and friends.

With our tips, you will be able to give your baby shower that something extra.


Many catering companies out there offer "Baby Shower" packages, with the promise of scrumptious buffet selections and limited-edition desserts.


However, a quick check online reveals that the cost can go up to $25 for each person, with a famous caterer even offering a price of $18.80 for each guest.

Just like how the selling price of roses spikes during Valentine's Day, food packages marketed as unique for that one occasion is usually overpriced.

Caterers know you are less sensitive to the prices of food on this "special" day for your newborn. As such, they markup their prices heavily for such packages.

Upon closer inspection, you realise that the menu items in a baby shower package are not much different from a normal buffet set, with the usual items such as cereal prawn, fried chicken, steamed vegetables, and fruit punch included. Do not limit your food options - you are better off paying for a typical buffet set which will cost only $8 to $12 for each guest.



Just like 21st birthday celebrations, it is easy to fall into the hype of holding a large-scale celebration at a high-end restaurant or hipster cafe.

However, booking the entire place and renting the area for a few hours can cost as much as $3000, or even more.

Even a small cafe at Boat Quay charges a starting price of $180 per hour to use their premises.

To save money, host the baby shower in your living room if space permits.

If you would like a bigger area to accommodate more guests, reach out to family and friends who stay at private apartments and have a function room to spare. As residents, they will be able to book a time slot on your behalf.



There are party stores around Singapore that sell banners, paper tassels, centrepieces, and confetti and streamers. However, buying straight from these brick and mortar outlets can get very expensive partly due to overhead costs that these physical stores have to bear (e.g. rental and wages).

Instead, consider buying the decorations you need online. Tap on popular, low-cost sites such as Taobao, Ezbuy, and Qoo10. Remember to buy what you need early so that the items will be able to reach you on time.

If you want to save the Earth and not spend any money at all, ask your friends or any relatives who held a baby shower in the last few months if they would be willing to loan you the decorations they used for their own party.


If your friend enjoys taking photographs as a hobby, or you have an aunt that loves to bake often, recruit their help for the party!

Politely ask them if they can offer their services of helping to bake a cake, take photos, or help with the decorations. They will be more than happy to help as it will be a great bonding session with you and your newborn. Be sure to show your appreciation for them after the party by treating them to a meal.

While planning for a baby shower can get incredibly stressful, getting friends and family involved will bring immense joy and fun to you.



In every Man Yue, red eggs are usually given out to symbolise birth or a new start. Instead of buying red eggs from a supplier directly, cook your own eggs and dye them red yourself.

To save money on the door gifts, give out homemade baked goods such as cookies or brownies. Avoid splurging on celebratory boxes for every family, as they are mostly overpriced. In fact, the high price is mostly due to the box itself than the goodies inside.

Spend within your means and give handmade gifts instead. After all, it's the thought that counts!


Before you plan your baby shower, remember to consider these other factors: your budget, number of people you want to invite, the theme of the party, and any add-on activities such as a photobooth. These are all easily forgotten factors that can drastically add to your expenditure.

Apart from high costs, hosting a baby shower can get very draining if you are planning it alone with your spouse. Do not be afraid or paisehto ask your family and friends to help you.

This article was first published in Dollars and Sense. 

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