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6 activities that will jazz up your weekly video conference call during the circuit breaker period

6 activities that will jazz up your weekly video conference call during the circuit breaker period
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Okay, it's official. The Circuit Breaker has been extended till June 1 2020. But before you start ranting on how you're running out of things to do with your pals, stop. You aren't going to shrivel up at home because we've got stuff that you can do (with your friends!)

Here are six group activities you can do, via web conferences:

Play online multiplayer interactive games


Before Covid-19, we used Jackbox Games to spice up home parties.

Well, don't stop playing those games because they're also available on multiple digital platforms (your phone, computer and even your television).

Of course, one of you in the chat group has to purchase a game pack (starts from as low as $10).

Then, start a web conference through an app of your choice, select from a variety of games and create a room on Jackbox games to get your digital party started. Games like Drawful2 and Trivia are available in their list.

Play good ol' mahjong and poker

For those who prefer more…stimulating games, there's a digital answer to good ol' mahjong and poker.

Mahjong Time is an online mahjong site that allows you to set up mahjong games and invite your friends in. You can turn on a web conferencing up if you need the satisfaction from shouting "pong".

All you have to do is sign up (it's free) here.

Film a music cover or have a karaoke session

Some of our local musicians are getting creative with online web conferencing.

The talented individuals are coming together to create music digitally. Have a look at RRILEY, Benjamin Kheng and Sezairi's cover of Emotions by Destiny's Child.

This was posted a week ago and filmed during the Circuit Breaker.

But if you don't feel confident enough to record a cover and post it on Instagram, just get your friends on Zoom or Houseparty for a karaoke session.

For the karaoke videos, use Watch2Gether, an online platform that allows you to stream videos at the same time as your friends.

Host a workout session

While many of us may be workout fanatics, we don't own a studio or professional video equipment to conduct live classes.

Well, if you're bored working out alone from home, simply start a video conference and get your friends to follow a workout video with you.

That way, you'll be motivated to exercise more because you have company (we all know that feeling when we don't finish a workout because no one's watching).

Attend an online music festival


Technology is doing amazing things these days. Playon is the first-ever music festival to be held in support of the Covid-19 solidarity response fund for the World Health Organisation.

Warner Music Group's artists and songwriters are collaborating to put on a show for you this weekend (April 24-27).

Artists like Coldplay, Panic! At The Disco and Ed Sheeran are part of the line-up. The videos being broadcasted during the live festival are exclusive clips.

So set a date and start jamming to familiar tunes this weekend. The video will be live-streamed here.

Have lunch/dinner dates

Decompress by "meeting" your buddies for lunch! Staying doesn't mean you have to dine alone all the time. And frankly, when we're in our own heads for the most part of the day, we can feel a little tired.

Calling your girlfriends over lunchtime can be the weekly pick-me-up you need. After all, having some social interaction isn't a bad thing!

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This article was first published in Her World Online

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