The 6 people you will meet at university orientation camps

Orientation. If you are a socially awkward being like me, school orientations may be the worst situation to get yourself stuck in.

Being surrounded by a bunch of strangers in an unfamiliar environment? Please show me the nearest emergency exit.

But in all seriousness, if your school requires orientation to be a compulsory programme, you may want to prep yourself for it before heading in.

Here are the five types of people you may meet at school orientations, and one that you definitely will.


Always positive and sometimes annoying, we all know this one.

It's bright and early in the morning and they are already up and ready to revel in the day's activities.

Armed with whistles and tribe identities, camp is their newfound religion. 

They are also super outgoing, and won't hesitate to get you to join in on the fun.

Not surprisingly, some of them may just be the first friends you will make in your days as a freshman.


Don't get them wrong, it's not that they are antisocial, they are probably just as shy or awkward as you are.

They may be afraid of saying something wrong or simply dislike large social situations, but whatever the case is, you can find them politely smiling by the wayside instead of joining in a conversation.

Take some time to warm up to them by pairing up with them in games or finding some similar interests, and you may be pleasantly surprised when they open up.


Stuck in games where your team's physical limits are put to the test? Enter the secret athlete, who would outlast anyone in any orientation game.

Games like Amazing Race and tug-o-war may be a staple in some orientation camps, and it would be really advantageous to have someone like this in your orientation group.

Not only are they physically strong, sometimes they turn out to be brilliant strategists as well and can lead your team to victory. A prized combination.


Orientation camps can be a little dry when it comes to the long breaks in between high energy sessions. Sometimes, all you need is some mental stimulation to get yourself going.

Armed with cold jokes and colloquial riddles, this person knows how to keep your mind on edge.

Just when you thought you've solved one riddle, they come up with a new one in the next hour.

Like a newspaper crossword section, it's almost addictive to dig up the the most mind-boggling puzzles from them only to roll your eyes when you discover its lame solution.

So the next time you hear "How many meh meh jumped over the wall?", make sure to listen carefully.


While most of us may come in knowing no one around you, there is always that one person who is somehow linked to everyone.

In school, they'd likely have been prom queen or king, or president of the student council. 

They come in to camp confident and ready to mingle around with others, since they are bound to already know someone within the inner circle.

Most likely to hang out with Athletes or Cheerleaders, or whoever is most outstanding in the group.


Last but not least however, we just want to pay tribute to student leaders of the orientation group. They are not characterisations, but they play an important role not to be forgotten.

As the first people you meet when you step into the school, student leaders play a big role in taking away those first day jitters.

They are in charge of making sure you get well orientated and feel welcomed to the big family, letting you know where all the best canteens are in school.

Don't be afraid to ask them questions about student life and the course you are about to get into, as they're likely to give brilliant advice.

While taking the first step in a new chapter of your life may be a daunting challenge for anyone, orientation can take away part of the anxiety by making sure you are well prepared to start your new journey. If you're lucky enough, people you meet at camp may turn out to be a lifelong friend or even more

But we don't deny there's a darker side to freshman orientation camps, and this video provides some insight:

Share with us your best (or worst) memories of orientation camp! 

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