6 places for stylish crystal jewellery & home decor

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Healing crystals and rocks aren’t anything new but they’ve recently exploded in popularity (not surprisingly, considering these chaotic times), with fans including celebs the likes of the Jenners, Victoria Beckham, and Miranda Kerr.

Whether you are a believer of their holistic properties or just love the beauty of these natural stones, here are some stylish options to instill positive energies into your surroundings.

1. Covet Crystals Jewelry

This homegrown label started in 2017 is helmed by self-taught artist Shu, who fashions crystals and gemstones sourced from all over the world into chic and modern jewellery pieces.

One of the best-sellers, we’re told, is the Mother Reissue, a charming design crafted with black onyx, rose quartz, howlite and pink tridacna to instill inner strength, promote feelings of love, and to calm the nerves.

To get a suitable crystal jewellery piece or a customised design, you can get a chakra test done that’s available on its website, or speak to Shu herself.

Visit its website for more information.

2. Jia Jia

Jia Jia Zhu is behind this fine jewellery brand. Fascinated by beautiful stones since she was a child, this ultimately led her to launch Jia Jia, which offers both raw crystal and gemstones as well as jewellery.

Her one-of-a-kind jewellery creations are crafted in-house, and made with natural, uncut and untreated crystals that are hand-selected by Jia Jia.

Available on Net-a-Porter. Visit its website for more information.

3. Crystal Aphothecary

Aromatherapy and crystals are both used to promote well-being, and Crystal Apothecary harnesses that, together with botanicals, to fill your space with positive vibes and intentions, and lift your mood.

The company offer diffusers that are filled with hand-picked crystals and lava rocks, with which you can pour its range of therapeutic-grade, GMO-free essential oils over. The stones absorb and slowly diffuse the aroma slowly into your space.

You’ll also find pretty crystal bottle vial necklaces that can hold your favourite essential oil while you’re on the go.

Visit its website for more information.

4. Nine Wicker Ave

For another holistic combination of scent and crystals, check out Nine Wicker Ave for its range of small-batch 100 per cent soy wax and vegan candles.

Crafted with a blend of fragrances and botanicals, some are embedded with gemstones like magnesite, amazonite, ruby epidote and spodumene to elevate the surrounding energy.

Visit its website for more information.

5. Fond of Crystals

If you appreciate the appeal of raw or cut stones to enliven your decor, there are plenty of stores available in Singapore. But we’re particularly enamoured by the curation of beautiful stones over at Fond of Crystals that are handpicked, sifted and curated from all the world.

We spotted the likes of raw blue fluorite, smokey quartz and malachite towers, and moss agate stones, that’ll make for gorgeous additions to any desk or countertop.

Visit its website for more information.

6. Vitajuwel

You would be well acquainted with fruit-infused water but yes, gem-infused water is also a thing.

Vitajuwel offers an array of glass bottles, decanters, and even pet bowls that come attached with crystals and healing stones (think rose quartz, garnets, and amethysts). And it goes beyond the aesthetic appeal. By infusing water with gemstones and crystals, you’ll also supposedly be imbibing the physical properties of the stones to bring about healing benefits, harmony and balance in the body.

Whether or not you believe in drinking crystal-infused water, getting extra H2O is always a good thing so if drinking from a crystal bottle does just that, go ahead and enjoy.

Visit its website for more information.

This article was first published in The Singapore Women's Weekly.