7 home gym ideas to help you achieve your 2020 fitness goals

7 home gym ideas to help you achieve your 2020 fitness goals

Let's face it - one of the biggest hurdles to getting fit is yourself. No, really. How many times have you talked yourself out of exercising because 1) it's too expensive 2) takes up too much time to travel to the gym and back?

If physical fitness has become a lifelong commitment for you, why not consider building a sport/exercise corner at home?

No membership fees, no operating hours, and (thankfully) no jostling with others for a piece of equipment.

If this prospect doesn't get you pumped up, perhaps checking out these 7 homes will get your heart racing!

1. There's no time like the present to start training your core, and one of the best ways to do that is through rock climbing!

However, instead of shelling out $25 every time for a climbing session, you could simply have one installed in your home - easy access and a one-time payment, talk about a good investment for your dream bod!

2. Speaking of core training, you can even consider pole dancing (or just dancing).

And building a studio should be relatively easy - simply kit out your spare room with mirrors, non-slip flooring and, if you would like, a sound system.

3. So, a conventional gym setup has plenty of bulky equipment and it might seem tough to replicate in a small home, but honestly, with a bit of clever space planning, it's entirely possible to fit one in!

Zenith Arc turned a spare room into a whole weight-lifting gym and enlarged the space with the clever use of reflective surfaces.

4. If you don't have any spare rooms to convert into a home gym, consider having one right in the middle of your living room!

Here's how: use a gym mat to demarcate your workout space, and have a built-in partition at your entryway for additional privacy.

5. Regular physical activity is the key to good health, so why not get your children started early?

This condominium home proves that it's entirely possible to convert your walkways/corridors into play spaces. Build in some fun features like a climbing net/rope and top them off with a couple of mats for a soft landing.

6. There are many different ways you keep both your mind and body fit.

These homeowners converted a spare bedroom with non-slip tiles into a space for yoga and reading.

And, to make it even more functional, they lined part of the room with storage built-ins that double as a settee!

7. In case you have some space to spare in your walk-in wardrobe and don't wish to leave it empty, there's always the option of turning it into a home gym, of sorts.

Steal a page from this Jurong West apartment: by hanging up a lone punching bag, the homeowners are able to get their exercise in while keeping things flexible for any future configuration changes.

This article was first published in Qanvast

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