7 ingenious TikTok Christmas wrapping and decor hacks using things you already have at home

PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/lizluxehome, Screengrab/TikTok/sellingthesuburbs

Christmas is just a few sleeps away, so if you haven't already begun decorating your house or wrapping those presents, you had better get started. 

And if you're out of time and ideas, why not attempt some of these ingenious TikTok hacks to make life a little easier for you? From new decor options to gift wrapping manoeuvres, here are seven new tricks to try this festive season. 

1. Cherry bauble decorations 

If you're bored of your usual old Christmas baubles, you can attempt this easy trick give them a facelift. 


I made a bunch! Tag the original creator I can’t find them I saw it last year. #fyp #VansCheckerboardDay #BetterTogetherChallenge #PlutoTVDecades #christmashack

♬ All I Want for Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey

For this project, you'll just need some pipe cleaners and red baubles. According to the video, all you need to do is string four baubles onto a pipe cleaner, give everything a good, tight twist and you're done! These look great on a tree, but we can visualise them in other places like along the rails of your stairs or on the knockers of your doors. 

2. Christmas tree ribbon hack 

Some people usually wrap a whole spool of ribbon around their Christmas tree, but that can be too much effort as well as a waste of ribbon. So why not try this alternative that saves you plenty of time and money? 


Christmas ribbon hack #christmashacks #christmas2021

♬ Jingle Bell Rock - Bobby Helms

Simply cut off thick strips of ribbon and loop them onto the branches of your tree. It looks just as pretty and is more cost-effective too! We feel that this hack would work best with stiffer ribbons as these would be able to hold their shape better as compared to silkier ribbons. 

3. Dental floss to hang garlands

We honestly never thought that dental floss would come in handy when it comes to Christmas decorations, but thanks to TikTok, here we are. 


My secret! #christmasdecorating #christmasornaments #christmas2021countdown #christmashack #lizluxehome

♬ Christmas Bells - StudioKolomna

This hack suggests using dental floss to tie festive garlands to your staircase. Not only is floss very strong and sturdy, it also blends in well with the decor, making it almost invisible. Genius. 

4. Mickey Mouse baubles

If you're a Disney fan, try making your own baubles in the shape of Mickey Mouse's head. 


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♬ Nazareth - Nativity! Cast

You'll need one large bauble, two slightly smaller baubles, a lighter and satay sticks. To attach the smaller baubles to the large bauble, you'll have to use the lighter to melt the top of the large bauble. The melted plastic will help weld the parts together. 

As this project involves fire, it can be quite dangerous, so do exercise caution when trying it out. 

5. Gift wrap with pockets 

Ever wanted to attach a card to your wrapped presents without the use of glue or sticky tape? 


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♬ Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas - Natalie Taylor

This gift wrap trick lets you create a nifty pocket at the front of the present, allowing you to slip in a card or note effortlessly. 

6. Gift wrap with less paper 

Most of us probably understand the pain of accidentally measuring out the wrong amount of wrapping paper, giving us less paper to work with.


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♬ Jingle Bell Rock - Bobby Helms

The next time this happens to you, try slanting the wrapping paper at an angle instead, which should give you more surface area to work with. 

7. Money baubles

If you're planning on giving money to your loved ones but don't want to stuff it in an envelope or a gaudy red packet, this creative trick will come in handy.


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♬ Christmas Bells - StudioKolomna

All you'll need are some transparent, hollow baubles that can be unscrewed at the top. Simply fold up the money and stuff it into the bauble along with some small Christmas decor and you're done! You can also hang these on your Christmas tree.